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Aurra-Satisfaction (500x493)R&B/Funk group Aurra who had a string of hits in the early 80’s (“Are You Single,” “Make Up Your Mind,” “Checking You Out,” “Baby Love,” “Such A Feeling”) have released their 5th project “Satisfaction” on Sept 13, 2013.

What makes this project unique is that “Satisfaction” was recorded between 1983-1984 on Quincy Jones’ Q-West label but was shelved, as a result, of unresolved legal disputes. 30 years later Daniel Borine of Family Grooves Records founded the 24 track master 2-inch tapes collecting dust in an Ohio abandoned warehouse. Borine notified Aurra’s founding member Steve “The Fearless Leader” Washington, who also was the mastermind and creator of 70’s funk band “Slave” who gave his consent to have “Satisfaction” remastered and is supervising the project.

“Satisfaction” is originally an 8 song project with the first single release “Perfect Date” which is my personal favorite. Steve Washington’s bass grooves are so funky which has been the main ingredient for the Aurra sound, check out “Turn the Lights Down Low,” “Satisfaction,” “Never Met No One Like You” and “Something Tells Me.”

“Satisfaction” does not feature original members Starlena Young and Curt Jones on vocals, (involved in legal disputes and later went on to become “Deja”) replaced by Sheila Horne-Washington (Brides of Funkenstein) and Mark Stevens (Brother of Chaka Khan) also featured on various tracks is the late Mark “Drac” Hicks on guitar.

“Satisfaction” is the true meaning of a diamond in the rough that was discovered, polished and shining like a brand new gem.

A must have for any Aurra fan especially if you loved the dance grooves of the 80’s when the music of R&B and Funk was at its peak.

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