Weed Control—Start Now!

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We finally got some rain—and the weeds are very thankful. But now is the time to control these noxious and invasive weeds that can cause a fire hazard when the hot, dry summer months roll around. One of these noxious weeds is the tumbleweed that can grow 6 inches overnight—and 4 feet if left alone. When left to mature, these very short root plants snap off and start rolling—across the highway and wherever they can roll until they hit an obstacle—such as my chain link fence.

The other issue with the proliferation of weeds has something to do with all the vacant lots all over Amarillo. Owners of these vacant lots got a “mowing pass” the last two years because of the drought. But not this year. These lots are becoming overgrown and unsightly by the day. And left un-mowed they will produce weeds that can grow to 4 feet tall which can become a fire hazard with a spark of any sort. We need not be reminded of the devastating Fritch fire—and other fires that were so destructive. These fires were aided by dry undergrowth coupled with high winds that created a firestorm that volunteer fire departments could not match.

weeds, kids after school3

The other issue with weeds is what happens to alleys all across Amarillo. It continues to baffle me why homeowners seem not to understand that they are responsible for the alley behind their house—controlling weeds and junk. Putting up a 6 feet high fence around your yard does not give you the right to ignore your homeowners’ rights. You are responsible for your alley—even behind a big ole fence. And with the recent rain, alleys all over Amarillo will soon look like the Amazon forest unless homeowners take control now. Start now to mow or weedeat before these weeds get tall enough to hit you back.

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Then there is the other problem of folks who put any sort of junk in a dumpster. The picture above is Exhibit A. Why would anyone with half a brain put a 7 foot tall by 4 feet wide wooden bookcase inside a dumpster? First of all it doesn’t fit. Secondly, the regular trash truck cannot upload this. So why not just put the bookcase on the side of the dumpster and let the large junk truck pick it up. The City of Amarillo will pick up large loads of household trash if you call them. And, even without a call the City of Amarillo regularly picks up large loads of trash, including picking up large limbs and shredding them. But they will not pick up old tires.

Let’s try to keep Amarillo beautiful—especially on the North side. Stop dumping used tires—and assorted other junk, all over the North side. The North side is not the city dump!

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