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Joe - Bridges
Two decades in the music industry my favorite R&B singer JOE is back with his eleventh studio album “Bridges” released on June 23. 2014.

“Bridges” includes 16 tracks of solid R&B grooves.

This follows-up from his 2013 album “Doubleback The Evolution of R&B” (one of JOE’s best). According to a recent interview JOE declares, “Bridges is 10x better than “Doubleback” because it’s taking R&B to the next level, and In order to move forward in R&B, you gotta go back and “Bridges” is the beginning of that transition.”

I slightly agree due to the songs being much more diverse and alike sounding to other old school artists (like something R. Kelly did with “Love Letter” & “Write Me Back”) just JOE is keeping it more 70’s & 80’s, but I would have favored JOE to retained the form of “Doubleback” since it’s truer to JOE’s original style, but, unfortunately, due to his current record label and management change he could not use any of the leftover recordings from “Doubleback.”

My preferences from “Bridges” are “Future Teller,” “Do A Little Dance,” “If You Lose Her,” “Love & Sex Pt. 2 (feat. Kelly Rowland),” & “The Rest Will Follow.” Other notable mentions are “Take It to the House,” “Till the Rope Gives Way,” “Dilemma” & “Love Sex Hollywood”

Nonetheless “Bridges” is a good project (JOE never produces a bad record) while “Bridges” is an apparent demonstration of different styles of R&B perhaps his next project we’ll get to hear the elements of JOE who released “Doubleback: The Evolution of R&B,” “Signature,” ” My Name Is Joe,” & ” All That I Am.” for those are my all time favorite JOE projects.

However “Bridges” is a nice addition to have in your music collection and a must have for all JOE fans.

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