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Steven Russell-Harts

Steven Russell Harts- The Wedding Singer_

Two-time Grammy award winner singer, songwriter, producer and member of the 80’s/90’s R&B group “TROOP” Steven Russell-Harts have released his second solo project “The Wedding Singer” released on June 15, 2014. (“Harts” is the newly adopted name added after discovering his biological father.)

“The Wedding Singer” has 13 tracks of totally slow, romantic, smooth and traditional love songs. According to Russell-Harts, in a recent interview ““The Wedding Singer” is a love album. It’s an album for people who are in love, and it’s a tribute to nostalgic R&B. A classic R&B album all based on love.” and after hearing I can profoundly agree. Russell-Harts is returning back the real essence of R&B by being a 28 year veteran who have worked with the likes of Keith Sweat, Gerald Levert, Chuckii Booker, Babyface, The Whispers, Charlie Wilson, etc. and heavily inspired by Michael Jackson “The Wedding Singer” gives all of these influences both musically and lyrically.

My personal favorites are “Shelter,” “You Do That Thing to Me,” “When Was the Last Time” & “What’s Come Over Me” other notable mentions are “What If,” “Thank God for You” & “For the Rest of Your Life.”

“The Wedding Singer” is Steven Russell-Harts best solo album to date. An album devoted to the art of love, chivalry, romance, monogamy & marriage. If this is something, YOU believe and represent then “The Wedding Singer” is a must buy.

Thank you Steven Russell-Harts for honoring and staying true to the “Real” essence of R&B music.

I strongly recommend “The Wedding Singer.” 🙂

A note from the columnist:

I’m excited by doing this column because I have been a friend of Steven Russell-Hart well over 30 years. I first met Steve back in 1980 when he came from California for summertime family visits to Amarillo, TX. I was introduced to him through his uncle, Lawrence Russell. Lawrence and I were classmates and lived only a few blocks away. I would watch Steve win all the dance contests with his pop-locking skills he couldn’t be any more than 9 or 10 years of age, but I knew he was extremely gifted. Seven years later I met his mother “Mary Gay” (Lawrence’s sister) who informed me that Steve signed a recording contract, and his group were going to release an album, but never told me the name of his group. The following year on a show called “Night Tracks” they played a video “Mamacita” by TROOP, and I was blown away not just by their singing and dancing but by the mere fact that It was Steve in the video and of course, the rest is history. I am fortunate over the years to have talked with Steve (whenever he sneaks up in Amarillo) discussing the music business and life in general. A well rounded guy that is very down to earth also I’m very proud of all of his accomplishments. Though I know him on a personal basis, my review was entirely unbiased.
Tony Johnson

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