Waiting Children

The Texas Adoption Resource Exchange, also known as TARE, is a part of Texas Department of Family and Protective Services that provides information on the children awaiting adoption or foster home placement. Their website is www.dfps.state.tx.us. If you are interested in adopting children or being a foster parent, you can get important information at the website, including the application process. Even more importantly you can access photos of “waiting children”, including a profile of the child.

In Texas alone there are over 28,000 children in DFPS. You can access information on “waiting children” by county by going to datacenter.kidscount.org. In Potter County there were 315 “waiting children” in 2013, up from 243 in 2009. In Randall County there were 258 “waiting children” in 2013, up from 271 in 2009. These numbers are no doubt higher for 2014.

I know one family in Potter County in which four children were placed with DFPS after both parents were incarcerated for drug related crimes. The children ranged in age from 9 months to 13. The mother was incarcerated in December 2012 but in February 2014 gave birth, in prison, to another child—which will also be placed with DFPS. (The mother has been continuously incarcerated suggesting that she got pregnant in prison.) Regardless of the circumstances, this one family alone has five children that have already been separated and placed in different foster homes, and, will no doubt be adopted out to different famililes—possibly permanently separating them from their siblings.

What is the reason for children going into DFPS? There are as many reasons as there are children. The reasons range from abuse and neglect to parents being incarcerated. But the bottom line is that the parents and/or relatives of these children could no longer care for them. If you go to the TARE website you can access photos and profiles of the “waiting children.” There you will find children wanting normal homes so that can grow up in loving and caring families. These children just want to be wanted.

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