Are Your Secrets Safe?

“Dear Diary,” “Please Don’t Tell Anyone.” Can you trust your secrets to any-BODY? Every heard the expression, “I don’t repeat gossip so you better hear me good the first time?” Well, substitute the word “secret” for gossip and you have the same thing—something told to you, or something you told someone that you never meant to “go any further.”

I no longer keep a journal or diary. I kept a daily journal for years and after re-reading some of the entries I burned my journals because I did not want to have my private thoughts read by anyone after I die. I wonder what’s in Oprah Winfrey’s journals? Wonder who will keep her secrets after she is dead and gone? And what do people really want to know about what’s in Oprah’s journal?—well we already know the answer to that question—hint—first name Gail.

But seriously, what do you really need to tell other people—or your diary– about yourself; the things you’ve done that you really don’t want the world to know about? Remember the movie, “I Saw What You Did.” Even if you think you have a secret it’s likely that SOMEBODY else already knows “what you did.” Ever snuck up at night and poured a gallon of white paint on someone’s car? Thought you got away with it? Well, somebody knows what you did. Ever did a lot of other mean, ugly, nasty stuff, out of sheer evil and you are now running around putting on a “good front,” being little Miss Goody Two Shoes? Well somebody knows a lot of “secret” stuff about you.

Why do people tell their own secrets anyway? Well, they say, “confession is good for the soul.” But is it? It is good for the soul for you to “fess up” to a confidant who can hold you hostage—or demand a ransom just to keep quiet? Too many criminals have gone to prison after yakking about criminal things to a prison cell mate who turned them in. Ever heard of a “jail house snitch? Well, there wouldn’t be anything to snitch about if someone had kept quiet.

So why do people talk about stuff they really don’t need to share with anyone? Can a person’s conscience get the best of them to the point where they have to “tell somebody,” to find some type of inner peace? And after you tell it all, are you then plagued with the thought that your secret is not safe? Ever heard the expression- “If I tell you, then I’ll have to kill you.” What is meant is that the only way to keep a secret safe is to kill the person you told it to because chances are they will not keep it a secret for very long.

So why do people betray a trusted secret? Well for one, you piss that person off and they will rat you out in a hot minute. Then there is the “better friend” notion. If you think a person is your friend and they befriend another person who becomes a better friend—then your secret will probably be shared with the better friend. But, on the other hand, some murders have been solved by secret things written in journals and diaries, such as, “If I die my husband did it.” Some murders have been solved by people who were told secrets and this information became vital to a criminal investigation.

To share you secrets or not to share—that is the question?

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