{Sports Corner} Cowboys look to overcome pre-season woes to start season strong

_dcfranksThe 2014 preseason has concluded with the Cowboys dropping all four of their preseason decisions. At times they looked good for a series or so, but team continuity is still a big concern. The silver lining is the starting offense have been taking limited reps to preserve them for the season, but the reinforcements have been inconsistent at best. The injury of star linebacker, Chris Lee, adds insult to injury for the ‘boys as they march into their first two regular season matchups against the San Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Titans. Many questions need to be addressed before positive outlook can be expected this season.

Can Romo continue to play lights out?

Last season Tony Romo played extraordinary. The overall record of 8-8 didnt tell the story of Romo’s stellar play. Most people associate Romo with with untimely turnovers, and his 31 touchdown to 10 interception ratio tells a different story. Fact is the Cowboys were lucky to end up 8-8 with an NFL worse defense (ranking 32nd). All year long Romo singlehandedly kept the Cowboys in games their defense did nothing to assist him stay in. Most noteworthy was the 51-49 loss Dallas suffered to Denver. Many people rememebr Romo’s late game interception, but forget his stellar 5 touchdown and 506 yard total to one lone interception. In the same breath they omit the fact that the defense allowed the 51 potnts. Tony Romo is going to have to keep up these types of heroics in the 2014 season and let’s be clear, the titans and 49ers defenses are stingy as they come.

Is this Dez Bryant’s breakout year?

Dez Bryant ebters his 4th season in the NFL and is ready to seperate himself from the very talented pack of revievers not named Calvin Johnson. Last season Dez tallied a career high 1,233 yards receiving and 13 touchdowns which is his best yet. Over the offseason he has vowed to increase those numbers and become more a leader, and there is little reason to believe he won’t since he’s increased every year as a professional. Look for Dez to be targeted early and often this season.

Will the defense provide any help?

As I mentioned earlier the Cowboy’s D remains the biggest question mark for this upsomming season. Last season they were the lowest ranked in the entire league and have been just as bad over the past 3 8-8 seasons. Fact is Romo has been so good that he has masked their horrendous play to still compete in ballgames. Their 400+ yards per game totals is 3rd worse in the history of the NFL in a 3 year span. The departures of Demarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher doesn’t bode well for the Cowboys at all on the defensive line. Lee will be missed at middle linebacker, so many unknown prospects will have to step up and make a name for themselves. The 49ers are known for their running and passing threats so expect a tough game for the Cowboys week 1. The defense will be tested early and often, so their response will tell the tale of the entire game. Tennessee won’t pose as much of a threat week two, but coming off the year they the Cowboys have, don’t think for one secons they aren’t salivating at the opportunity to attack the vulnerable Cowboys defense like everyone else.

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