Open Rants| Amarillo Ebola Scare

_ebadexter120aAmarillo had its first Ebola scare Wednesday that resulted in the lockdown of the BSA emergency room. I’m reasonably certain that BSA officials took every precaution and followed recent protocols to protect their health care workers, employees and the Amarillo populace.

In the aftermath of the Dallas Ebola crisis the newest question is “Are currently used procedures and protocols adequate?” That question will probably have a sufficient answer in the coming days or weeks.

Online today the Amarillo Globe-News included a photo with their updated post on the BSA lockdown. A casual glance at the photo and a quick read of the caption gives the assurance that Amarillo is safe from Ebola.

A closer look at the photo raises a more serious question, the question of protocol and procedure. First let’s remove Ebola from the equation and examine the photo from a layman perspective of a medical lockdown.


  1. The BSA employee is standing at the outer entrance way and both the outer and enter entrance doors are open
  2. The BSA employee is wearing a surgical mask but only one hand is gloved
  3. The second man pictured is clearly inside the containment area marked off by the orange cones

As a layman I’d much rather see a fully gloved BSA employee confronting the gentleman outside the containment area with the  outer and enter entrance doors closed.

OR,  perhaps I’ve seen one too many zombie apocalypse movies.

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