Open Rants | Worst Person In Amarillo – Tonight

_wpadexter120aTascosa High School Boys Head Coach Steve Jackson “Worst Person In Amarillo – Tonight”. Why place this moniker on Coach Jackson?

Let me set the scene, the Lady Rebels have just defeated the visiting Odessa Permian Lady Panthers. As the Panthers are gathering their team bags and exiting the court a Lady Rebel player approaches the Panther players and asks them to join them at center court for a group team prayer.

The Panther players drop their team bags where they stand and join hands with the Tascosa players at center court and pray. While the two teams pray, 6 to 8 of the temporarily abandon bags are inside the court and obstructing the normal warm up routine of the Tascosa boys basketball team.

Witnessing the team bags hindering his team’s warm up procedure Coach Jackson does the unthinkable. He takes it up on himself to remove the Odessa Permian Lady Panther bags from the court. He lifts the first bag and angrily hurls the bag towards the visiting sidelines 10 feet way. Bag after bag are flung by Coach Jackson 5 to 15 feet from the court and crashing against the visiting team chairs. And for his coup de grace he picks up a water bottle of a Lady Panther and side arms it at full speed toward the visiting player area violently impacting a chair diving it backwards toward wall of the arena.

Allow me to digress for a moment. There is a commercial that probably predates Coach Jackson. The 1971 American Tourister luggage commercial – watch the video below and I’ll finish this rant afterwards.

As an eye witness to Coach Jackon’s assault against the personal property of the Lady Panthers I can truthfully say that the gorilla showed more restraint and respect than Coach Jackson.

For this reason Coach Steve Jackson is the Worst Person In Amarillo – Tonight.

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