{Poet’s Corner} Black Lives Matter

_blmBlack Lives Matter
Claudia Stuart

cstuart-028Black lives matter.
Damn right we do.
Who do I have to convince of that,
Me or you?

I see it in the eyes
As I meet you day after day
In the parks, schools and playgrounds.
Yes, when we go out to play.

Little children being afraid
To move ahead and grab the swing
It’s okay to do it.
It’s still a play thing.

Older children trembling
In the classrooms to compete,
Thinking they lack the power
To use their minds and think.

Even in the workplace
When treatment is unfair at best
Shrugging shoulders of complacency,
I’m done, you do the rest.

So, now our children suffer
Shot down in cold blood today.
He thought things would be different
From the times he was at play.

Just walking through the neighborhood
Puts lives in jeopardy.
Strutting in my hoodie
Being free to be me.

Where is the threat to your life
In this big place called earth?
We came to being the same way
From the moment of our birth.

I am in the image
Of God who saves us all
Yet, we have doubt within ourselves
To heed the clarion call.

Black lives matter.
Damn right we do.
Who do I have to convince of that
Me or you?

I am a child of God
Built fresh to stand the test
Of living all together
And striving for the best.

My work, my toils, my troubles
Mount each and every day
Teaching, preaching and reaching
For that Black child to say…

You are a worthy creature
To be alive today
Always keep your head held high
So, Christ can see you stay.

Be strong in your convictions,
And mighty with your mind.
Yes, body, mind and spirit
No one can be that blind.

Treat others as your brother
And want the same for them
With justice and love for humanity
That sense we got from Him.

Black lives matter.
Damn right we do.
Through with convincing others,
Now, it’s up to you.

{About The Poet}
Claudia Stuart joined the West Texas A&M University College of Education and Social Sciences in 1996. She received a B.S. in sociology in 1972, a M.A. in social science in 1985 and a Master Certification in criminal justice administration in 1985 from West Texas A&M University. She is also a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), author and poet.


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