In Rememberance to Mrs. Lena Mitchell 11-4-2009

by Fransetta Crow

Wow!!  What an experience it is to lose your Mother ! There can never be the right words to express the pain that presses on your heart, a pain that I have been told by those who came to consol me will never go away.

There were so many kind words spoken about my mother, that I could not stay sad for very long and she was an Amazing Woman and  touched many lives with a labor of service and of  love.

Each person that I talked to could tell me of there own personal encounter with my mother, in worship, work , service , leisure or otherwise, she always addressed a situation with Quiet, Gental, Wisdom SHE WAS MY HERO! and the most positive role model in my life. My only hope is to try to live up to her legacy, which will take me the rest of my life. She mothered 14 children and instilled into each of them a solid foundation along with my father Hershel Mitchell of the Knowledge of God and Jesus Christ. That Is the Best Gift that she gave us and left with us which is the sustaining power to help us to continue on with life.

I want to take this opportunity to extend a Personal Thank You in be half of the Lena Mitchell Family for all the love, flowers, cards and kindness given by her Friends , Churches and Community and for your support, our Friends, Classmates and Family Friends during this time of grief and celebration of our mothers home going.


A special Thank you to: Don & Donna Moore , In Memory of Mrs. Lena Mitchell Placed 5 Gideon Bibles around the world.

A special Thank you to: Nancy Brent/ Adult Students Program for a Donation made to The Amarillo College Foundation in Memory of Lena Mitchell.

A special Thank you to :Mrs. Leona Chadwick-Beddow for a Donation made to The Amarillo College Foundation in Memory of Lena Mitchell.

A special Thank you to:Mrs. Lynda Barksdale for a Donation made to the Amarillo College Foundation in Memory of Lena Mitchell.

I would like to share this poem that is a response to the letter from heaven that was read by Mrs. Ella Shead during the funeral to the family:

Dear Mama, We know that you are alright now, once again healed and whole. We each will miss you very much, but we won’t mourn as if there is no hope. You taught and instilled in each of us to always be proud and strong, and we are all determined to stand together and to carry on. You told us not to miss one beat one minute or one day, for there is so much work to do, and people to help as we journey on our way. You gave us a strong foundation and now we are able to stand on our own, but we’ll always know that you are near, and we are not alone. You are always by our side in the Spirit, and  within each heart, we can always find you still at home MOTHERS ARE LIKE THAT, YEAH THEY ARE !!!

With All OUR LOVE,  YOUR CHILDREN,GrandChildren, Greatgrands & Great GreatGrand Children



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