North Side Cleans Up—Looking Good!

_LOTSThe above picture of the vacant lot is the “after” picture of the picture of the weedy lot with the tires. Last week several overgrown and trashy lots were mowed and raked of debris. In fact, the crew that mowed the lot with the tires came back the next day with a large trash can and picked up debris left behind after mowing. They did not leave the mowed over paper and debris scattered all over the lot—as has been done so often before. This is great news for improving some of the blight all across the north side of Amarillo. Let’s keep it going. We can do this.

The third picture is really great news. This lot was being used as a community salvage yard. Two guys were hauling in all sorts of junk and piling it on this lot. After a visit from the City of Amarillo code enforcement all the junk was removed, the lot cleaned up and now it has been tilled to plant a large garden. Again, great news for cleaning up the north side of Amarillo. Let’s keep it going. Let’s get involved this spring and clean up our own back yards. After sitting in church for hours why not go home, take off your fine church clothes, put on some overalls and clean your alley and the trash around your house. This is great exercise, and sunshine is good for health problems. It’s amazing what natural Vitamin D can do to heal the body. Put your lazy kids to work cleaning up around the outside of the house. Make them put down those electronic devices and do something physical. And, with the high cost of food, planting a spring garden is a great idea.

Let’s keep improving the north side of Amarillo. Now on to my follow-up column about solving the dumped tire problem in Amarillo.

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