Amarillo Scrap Tire Dumper –Spotted–Partial ID

_TDHeads up people! The “tire jockey” aka, “tire dumping thug,” responsible for the above dumped tires drives a white pick-up. He was spotted yesterday on Amarillo Blvd with another load of scrap tires, probably headed to the north side of Amarillo to dump them. This is the same truck seen driving down NW 13th with a load of tires not long ago. Those tires were dumped on in the alley on both sides of NS 13th between Harrison and Van Buren—the above pictures. This needs to stop.

Earlier today NPR radio, locally known as High Plains Radio, carried a story about why mosquitoes bite some people and not others. Scientists are not sure why some people seem to be targets for swarms of mosquitoes. But what the report did say is that mosquitoes carry some of the worst diseases known to man, including malaria, yellow fever, West Nile, encephalitis, and dengue fever. These toss tires around Amarillo are now collecting rain water—and with warmth will come the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Children, especially, those that play in streets and alleys are at high risk for mosquito bites.

I recently contacted the City Manager and City Attorney about illegal tire dumping seeking their help to resolve a problem that is already out of control. I’ll report back on their suggestions—if any. In the meantime we need to get the license plate number and a physical description of the man driving the white truck with a bed full of scrap tires. He needs to be made to pick up every scrap tire in north Amarillo as part of his punishment. Please keep an eye out for this rascal.

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