High Winds and Dead Trees

_DTYesterday we had winds that clocked in at over 50 miles per hour. Around the corner from me one dead tree toppled. It missed a passing motorist and the roof next door. All around Amarillo dead tree roots are slowing loosening in the dry ground and it’s just a matter of time before more high winds and time bring them down.

This is not my “first rodeo” trying to bring attention to all the dead trees around Amarillo. But, I will keep on rattling off about dead tree blight such as those shown above. Turn any corner in most established neighborhoods and you will find trees totally dead, or trees with dead branches at the top—waiting for the next high wind—or time, to bring them down to the ground. Sure tree trimming is expensive, but, in the mindset of most mechanics about “cars making funny noises,” –you can pay now or pay later. Trim your trees now—especially you Amarillo landlords.

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