Early Voting Begins

_EVLocal city/county election begins April 27th for the May 9, 2015 election.

A sample ballot is available for Potter County at: http://www.co.potter.tx.us?default.aspx?Potter_County/Elections

A sample ballot for Randall County is available at: http://randallcounty.org/elections/general/default.htm

Polling locations include the Santa Fe Building, Amarillo ISD ESC, River Road ISD Admin Board Room, Cornerstone Outreach, and Wesley Community Center. Mobile voting is available at area retirement facilities. Anyone with questions about where to vote early, mobile voting, or any other voting question should contact the City’s Secretary’s Office at 378-3014.

Please note that you are required to show a valid ID in order to vote. Acceptable IDs include a valid driver’s license, Electronic Identification Certificate, concealed handgun license, military ID, United States citizenship certificate, and a United States passport.

Get out and vote!

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