New Amarillo Nonprofit—79-1City

_791Dear Amarillo:

Next week a new nonprofit organization will be launched in Amarillo. This nonprofit organization is called 79-1City, pronounced 79-onecity. Our logo is shown above. 79-1City’s Articles of Formation includes the following statement:

“Whereas the City of Amarillo is a growing city with a metropolitan population approaching 200000, and, whereas there exists in Amarillo the duality of growth and blight, revitalization and neglect, wealth and poverty, hope and despair, faith and doubt, and;

Whereas there is a general need for citizen involvement to address matters that affect the common good and general welfare of communities within Amarillo, through project oriented efforts;

There is hereby formed an unincorporated nonprofit association, created under the laws of the State of Texas, Section 252.001, Texas Business Organizations Code, to be called, 7-9-1City, to be located in Amarillo, Texas.

7-9-1City is hereby formed by the undersigned three or more members joined by mutual consent for the common nonprofit purposes of advancing the common good and general welfare, civic betterment, and social improvement by combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency, and, to improve community relations through multi-cultural exchange among Amarillo residents.”

79-1City will identify problems across Amarillo in need of solutions. These problems will be tackled on a project by project basis. My position with the organization is Projects Coordinator. Some of the projects planned include the removal of scrap tires across Amarillo; helping senior citizens with minor home repair projects; providing a community-wide youth mentoring core of volunteers, and organizing 79-1City Sounds for musicians across Amarillo to showcase local talent. 79-1City invites citizens to bring any issue that concerns their neighborhood to our group so that we can provide a forum for bringing these issues to local politicians and leaders. One additional 79-1City project will include a study of the high school graduation and after-graduation productive lives of some of Amarillo’s youth. We need to begin to get a better understanding of what is happening to Amarillo youth for early intervention.

No organization can exist without support. We will be requesting donations of $1 per month or $12 per year from individuals, and $2 a month or $24 a year from businesses to help with our many projects. Our mailing address is: P. O. Box 1314, Amarillo, Texas 79105 for making donations. Your donation should be made to 791City. In addition, with every donation we are requesting that the individual include a brief statement of problems and issues that concern them.

We will provide more information on this website and on our Facebook page. Our Facebook page is in development at this link: Please support 79-1City by expressing a willingness to volunteer and donate a few dollars. Our phone number is 806-220-7623; email: Again, we will provide more additional information when we officially launch the organization next week. Thank you in advance for supporting 79-1City.

Yours truly,

Leigh Cravin

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