Update re Scrap Tire Clean-Up—Earthship Amarillo!!

_TIRESPlans and strategies to address Amarillo’s growing illegally dumped tires are ongoing. We’ve received plenty of feed-back—some of it negative. Some of the negativity says, “Good luck with that” because no one will help with this project. Well, Reagor/Dykes Auto, a company located in Lubbock, with a new dealership here in Amarillo, has already offered to donate the entire cost to bring a 53-foot trailer to Amarillo so people can drop off their used tires. Bart Reagor, one of the founding partners of Reagor/Dykes, has been behind this clean-up effort from the start. But, we’re not jumping at the bit to “mis-spend” Reagor Dykes money without a comprehensive plan that addresses all the issues surrounding the illegal dumping of dumped tires all over Amarillo. Plus we are not anxious to have a truck brought to Amarillo for people to take scrap tires if the community is not willing to participate and clean out alleys and drop off the tires.

We’ve made contact with Senator Kel Seliger to enlist his support for Senate Bill 459 that addresses illegal dumping of scrap tires. We’ve also contacted Xcel Energy and Wal-Mart for support with our clean-up effort. The City of Amarillo has been briefed on our efforts, and is in support of our efforts. But so far no money is forthcoming from the City of Amarillo to move the tires. Hope springs eternal that the City of Amarillo will find some “slush fund” money to assist with reducing the massive illegally dumped tires all over the city.

The problem with all these tires is that they are scattered everywhere. Two weekends ago I personally paid a young lady $13 an hour to help me clean up around my 93-year old neighbor’s dumpster and to stack all the large truck tires that someone dumped in her alley. (See before and after photos above.)We stacked almost 25 of the big, heavy, commercial tires. They are now ready for pick-up and disposal. The question now is where do we take them—and who pays for the disposal.

In the meantime someone who lives outside the city limits is building something called Earthship Amarillo. You can read about this project at facebook.com/Earthship Amarillo. What the builder is planning is unique, but not new. These type “self sustaining” structures have been built all over the world. The even better news is that the builder needs thousands of tires. The property is now ready for all the tires that can be hauled out there—just off the Canyon E-Way off FM 2219. But still this means that someone has to donate transport equipment, gas, time, and labor to pick up, load, stack, transport, and unload the tires. We’ve checked to see if we would be running afoul of any laws by taking tires to the Earthship Amarillo location and we’re okay because we are taking them to private property at the request of the owner of the property. But we need trucks and trailers. The Earthship Amarillo is a free alternative to paying the City Landfill $4.75 per tire, or at least $6.00 per tire to have them picked up by a tire dealer to be included with their tire-haul off. We would be contributing to a unique project and saving money if we can come up with a plan to get these tires hauled off to the Earthship Amarillo site just outside Amarillo. Can you help? Any suggestions?

If you can help, please call 372-9759. Or we can just leave these illegally dumped scrap tires right where they are and pretend they don’t exist.

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