Starting a “Race War”

_SRWDylann Roof, the shooter who killed 9 people at Mother Emanuel AME Church, has confessed. His motive for the killings was to start a “race war.” One morning talk show asked the question about why so many young white men adopt a “race war” mentality. One commentator said that since so many of these mass shootings are done by young white men that we need to find out why they feel “left out” of mainstream society that they resort to mass killings. The one “fortunate thing” about the recent mass killing is that Roof is alive to talk whereas most of these mass killers turn the gun on themselves.

If I had a chance to talk to Roof I would ask him if he ever heard of the Civil War and whether he thought that was a “race war?” I would ask him if he would characterized a war, fought over so-called States Rights—the right to maintain slavery in the deep south, produced a result he found favorable—namely the death of 20 percent of young white males in the south? I would ask Roof who fought whom in the Civil War and how many white families fought other white families, who many white first white cousins took up arms against other white cousins? I would ask him if he considered his actions namely, sneaking into a church Bible study, under the pretext of worship, then pulling out a gun and shooting unarmed people to be an act of war? I would ask him if war does not imply mutually armed people shooting at each other with equivalent weaponry. I would then ask him if he had done a matrix on who would fight who if there was a new “race war” in America? Would white Republicans males fight white Democrat males? Would biracial children take up arms to defend a white parent or a black parent, or any other household ethnic mix? Would white men married to black women shoot them in the back while they slept? Would white women married to black men shoot them in the back while they sleep under any of his scenarios of a “race war?” If there was a “race war” who would Oprah Winfrey shoot? Who would Bobby Jindal shoot? Who would President Obama shoot? I would ask Roof to give me the details of one “race war” in world history the results of which he would like to see reproduced here on American soil? I would ask Roof if he could eliminate all black people in America what the new demographics would look like and where he would fit in. Who would be at the top or the bottom of his new “black-less” society and why? Wound this new society look much different than it does now? Finally I would ask Roof if he has ever read Sven Lindquist’s book “Exterminate All the Brutes”. He should read it to see if he fits the definition of a “brute.”

Then there is the question of Roof feeling like a “marginalized,” outcast, young, white male. Roof needs a lesson in capitalism. If he is angry that immigrants are taking jobs once held by young white men, or that factory jobs are being outsourced to foreign countries, then he need look no further than his own white kinfolks—not black folks. Black folks are not to blame for corporate greed that increases the bottom line at the expense of all workers except those who will work for the least amount of money. This is not a “race war” problem, that’s American capitalism. If Roof is upset that good solid middle class jobs have disappeared then he needs to look beyond the people he killed at Mother Emanuel AME church—far beyond. Roof, like so many other, shallow, unintelligent, white “bubbas” has engaged in the oldest game in the book—that of scape-goating black people for economic problems caused by white corporate America. Roof is one sad pathetic coward of a human being. Unfortunately we live in a world in which there are thousands of poorly educated, brainwashed, Roofs running around –with loaded guns. We can all take up arms against one another and reduce this country to rubble, or we can take a look at the hard core issues of economics that have historically pitted one group against another. We can also watch one episode of the television show “Fear Thy Neighbor” for the people who just might be our closest enemy.

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