#WhiteLivesMatter—Yes They Do!!

North Amarillo Now HeaderThere is a rather odd push back going on over the slogan “BlackLivesMatter.” It started with DT, aka Donald Trump, mouthing off something about “all lives matter.” This was the perfect opportunity for “some folks” to seize the moment to silence or otherwise undermine the underlying reason for why “blacklivesmatter” became a rallying cry. One host on Fox News went off the rails saying something to the effect of do you hear white people saying “white lives matter?” My response is that there is a single four letter word missing from her argument—the word “only.”

The video of the Waller County, Texas arrest of Sandra Bland was just released and it should become the poster-child for “whitelives matter.” The reason is that no white person, especially a white male, would have been treated the way Sandra Bland was treated. What the dash cam revealed was that this white jackass cop pulled her over for an “illegal lane change.” He approached her and immediately went rogue telling her that she had “bad attitude.” She responded that she was not exactly happy with being pulled over for a lane change but told him to “do you job” and write the ticket. That wasn’t good enough for this POS cop. He was determined to “pick a fight. “ Instead of just writing a ticket, a warning, he told her to put out her cigarette. She responded that she was inside her own car. This dog cop went further ordering her to put out the cigarette, then ordered her out of her car, then dragged her out of her car, then said “I will light you up.” We can see Ms. Bland walking ahead of this poor excuse for a cop until they are out of range of the dash cap. Then we hear the cop order her to put down her cell phone. She then slaps it on the back of her car. Then we hear the cop use those famous “cover your ass” words about “stop resisting arrest.” Every cop knows to say those words when they themselves are acting aggressively with black people. They know to say it so they can pull guns, beat black folks, and kill black folks under the trumped up guise of “resisting arrest.” And so then we see Ms. Bland on the ground with this jackass of a cop manhandling her. She is then hauled off the jail for an illegal lane change, trumped up “resisting arrest,” and within 3 days she is dead inside a Texas jail.

Remember George Zimmerman, the wanna be white guy who murdered Trayvon Martin? Remember that within weeks of his “acquittal” that he was pulled over several times by cops. Not one cop walked over to George Zimmerman and accused him of having a “bad attitude.” Zimmerman has been in some type of trouble almost every few months, but has he been ordered out of a car and forced down on the ground? No. And why not?—because white lives matter. No white man in America would have been treated the way Sandra Bland was treated for an illegal lane change. No white man in America would have been ordered to put out his cigarette in his own car following an alleged illegal lane change. Right here in Amarillo white boys driving pickup trucks zip in and out of traffic, tailgating, jumping from lane to lane all day long. Any of them ticketed or arrested? No—because white lives matter. White cops do not cite white males for doing all sorts of illegal stuff because they are not about to saddle their fellow white brothers with nuisance tickets. But not so with black drivers and increasingly black female drivers.

I agree that white lives matter—but what’s new about that. This country was founded on the constitutional principle that only white people could be citizens. The Dred Scott decision from the U. S. Supreme court made it clear that only white lives mattered in America and nothing has changed. In every aspect of America life since slavery only white lives have mattered. Only white people could vote, own property, get free homestead land, get home loans, get farm loans, get business loans, live in certain neighborhoods, ride in the front of the bus, use public libraries, go to public colleges, get a decent job, send their kids to college, avoid mass incarceration, avoid stop and frisk for possessing small amounts of marijuana even those white people use more illegal drugs than anyone. On and on, this country has proven that white lives matter—but also that “only” white lives matter. Right here in Amarillo the City of Amarillo has a city workforce where of the 512 people earning over $60,000 a year, 424 are white males. Amarillo has an almost all white male police and fire department. No black females earn over $60,000 and none work for the police or fire department. White lives matter in Amarillo—they matter economically to the exclusion of most other people to get a city job and get promoted. And so when we see a jackass cop do what was done to Sandra Bland why should we be surprised by this “anti-black female attitude?” Why should we be surprised that this POS cop would walk up to Ms. Bland and insinuate that she had a “bad” attitude then proceed to show demonstrate his aggressive authority over her being. A white man with a badge and a gun can do whatever he pleases—right? And he did just that. Yes America white lives matter because this country has a foundational history that has proven over and over not only that white lives matter but also that “only” white lives matter” in America. So do white people need to parade up and down the street with signs that say, “whitelives matter?” No, why state the obvious? Why march around saying something that is demonstrated everyday in America, in every aspect of America?

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