Time to clean your dirty portable fans

floor fan1It’s hot—and getting hotter—and if you use portable fans it’s time for a mid-summer cleaning. If you turn off the fan and look at the blades you will probably find dust and build up. If you look at the outer housing you will also find dust, and, dust accumulates inside the fan. About once a month you should clean your fan. And before you put it away for the summer clean it again.

First, unplug the fan. Next remove the outer housing. If you saved your instructions they will tell you how to remove the outside. If your fan is a desktop portable type be careful not to yank the cover off and disturb the inside wiring. Don’t lose the screws for putting it back together. After you get the housing off or open, use any type of household cleanser to remove the dirt. Be gentle removing the dirt and grime inside the fan. If you fan is near a kitchen area you will notice that the dust has turned to grime and you might have to use a spray-on cleanser to loosen the grime. After you are done, reassemble the fan and you are good to go for another month. While you are cleaning the portable fans take a long handle duster and clean the blades of your ceiling fans. Plenty of dust accumulates there as well. If your ceiling fan has lights at least once a year remove the light covers and wash them in soapy water to remove the build-up of dust and grime.

Cleaning portable fans and portable heaters make them last longer. Each year the price of portable fans and heaters goes up. Take care of your stuff—don’t let them get dirty to the point of malfunction and then toss then in the trash. I’ve bought perfectly good dirty portable fan at yard sales—for a dollar. I’ve taken them home, disassembled them, cleaned them, and made them good as new. Clean your fans. Stop wasting money year after year on portable fans and heaters.

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