Donald Trump and the Lion Killer—Two of a Kind-Sporting Riches

_TLKIt used to be that horse racing was the sport of kings—now it is politics and Donald Trump is Exhibit A. Buying their way into politics has become a new sport for rich men in America. But the other sport of kings (rich people) is the killing of wild animals in Africa. Now’s that a real sport—a sport that only the rich are privileged to enjoy. Such is the case with the Minnesota dentist Walter James Palmer who paid $50,000 to lure one of Zimbabwe’s prized lions, Cecil the Lion, with a dead carcass, then shot Cecil with a bow, then chased the wounded lion for 40 hours then shot him in the head. Then the “good dentist” took pictures of his “prize” and bragged about it on social media. Donald Trump’s re-entry into politics fits in the same category as killing Cecil the Lion—even worse—Trump will kill off the last vestiges of “legitimate” politics in America.

So how are Trump and Palmer alike? Let me count the ways. Both are rich males who can afford to do whatever they want. Palmer paid a bunch of poor African guides enough “blood sport money” to get them to turn a blind eye to killing off one of their own natural treasures. Trump is doing the same thing with his wealth to get a bunch of people to kill off political rivals. Trump is literally paying (with lip services about his business acumen) a bunch of “disgruntled—mad about something” potential voters to make him the Republican candidate. Trump recently announced that he was worth $10 billion, and he managed, with ease, to get a bunch of supporters to chant “$10 billion” as proof that he can buy his way to the White House. Seems that Trump is barely worth $3 billion—a run of the mill billionaire among the world’s new rich. Remember back in May 2012 when ABC commentator George Will described Trump as a “bloviating ignoramus” when he entered the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination? Well the “bloviating ignoramus” is back, louder, and more “bloviating.” The word “bloviate” means “to speak boastfully, pompous—full of hot air speechifying.” I grew up in East Texas where there was a snake my grandparents called a “puff adder.” It a small snake, deadly bite, but its defense mechanism to stay alive when confronted was by making his head bigger—literally puffing up its head to appear larger and more dangerous than it really was. My new name for Donald Trump is “Big Little Mouth” –fits his big frame and little bitty mouth precisely—always bloviating like a puffer adder.

The similarities between the dentist lion killer and Trump are too uncanny not to be ignored. Recently Dallas’ Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban said that folks are getting on the “Trump for president” band wagon, not because Trump has anything serious or truthful to say, but because he says anything about everything. Just mention a word and Trump starts—well bloviating. Trump little mouth is all that he has to offer during his run up—or run down– to a possible Republican nomination or third party run. Cuban in essence said that Trump has nothing substantive to say about any issue facing America, not in a way that makes any sense when you look behind his bloviating– or anything that can change the way “Washington works” regardless of who is in the White House. Mark Cuban said that Trump just “says stuff.” What Trump has tapped into with his current 24 percent polling above the rest of the Republican pack is something called “puffery or puffing.” Years ago people tried to sue car salesmen for selling cars by making outlandish and false claims about what a car could do or what the car company would do after you bought the car. Courts routinely tossed out these cases saying that consumers should have known that what the salesman was saying was ridiculous anyway—just puffery—part of ordinary salesmanship. Donald Trump is the poster child for salesmanship puffery. He knows how to sell the “sizzle” and not the steak. Trump knows how to tap into the frustrations of mad Americans—even though he can’t do one damn thing to fix anything—he just bloviates and gives vicarious venting to “the disgruntled.” Trump is puffed up, full of hot air, shooting off his mouth the same way that Dr. Palmer shot off his bow and arrow and killed Cecil the Lion. Except Trump is, as I said, killing off something more sacred—authentic politics in America. Trump knows the value of demagogue appeal to the masses. He knows that words can “touch the heart strings” of mostly white folks who are otherwise “mad about something” and looking for someone else to blame. Enter “Big Little Mouth” bloviating.

I don’t have a dog in the fight with who becomes the Republican nominee but I think Trump is the ultimate interloper who has not earned his way onto the political scene. He is just “bloviating” his way in. All the other candidates have earned their stripes with serious political bona fides—except Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. The other candidates have at least gotten their feet wet with hands on experiences at governance in a political sense. These candidates at least understand the art of politics and not just the “art of the deal,” something other than bloviating and making money. The kind of money that Rachael Maddow said that Trump made when he donated land for an upstate New York Park named Donald J. Trump Park. Trump apparently paid $3 million the land, but when he declared a “donation value” for the land he came up with a nice round number of $100 million. Hey just bloviate, make up stuff, run off his little mouth and haul off a nice charitable donation tax write off—again the work and thinking of a bloviator. So now Trump is shooting off his “little” big mouth aiming for the Oval Office where he can become the “Bloviator in Chief.” Just like the dentist Palmer—paying money to shoot something. I wonder if Carlos “Slim” Helu, the Mexican businessman is thinking of running for President of Mexico. Hey this man is worth $71.8 billion dollars– makes Donald Trump look like a poor kid from the Bronx. Carlos Slim is the third richest person in the world—he can buy and sell Trump with the spare change in his shoes. And if, Trump doesn’t watch his bloviating ways Carlos Slim will reach into his back pocket and pay the $100,000, the per immigrant amount that Trump wants to charge the Mexican government for sending illegal immigrants to the U. S. Hey, Donald, it’s me, Ms. Cravin, now take me on you full of hot air, bloviating, puff adder. I have a few more choice words for ya.

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