Oprah for President!

winfreyoprah_022214gettyOprah should run for president in 2016—and she just might win. Oprah is uniquely qualified to run for president for the following reasons: 1) star power—she knows folks—and folks know her; 2) money—she’s richer than The Donald, 3) she is a genuine rags to riches story—not someone who got richer with daddy’s money, 4) she has her own private jet with her name on it, 5) she admitted in the past that she has voted for a “few Republicans,” so this should put her in a good position to carry the entire South, 6) she is a natural diplomat—there is no one she can’t sit in her chair and talk to—even make a few people hop off her sofa, 7) she could stop the downward spiral of illiteracy with her love of books and reading—a book a month required reading for America would be a good start, 8) she would be the ultimate “dark” horse candidate who can pull the woman vote, the gay vote, the black vote (maybe), 9) she could do a good job selling and promotion her administration policies on her OWN network, 10) she would transform Washington in the fashion sense—just imagine what the White House would look like after four years of Oprah’s touch.

I say we draft Oprah for President. If Donald Trump can run for president so can Oprah. Donald, according to George Will, is a bloviating ignoramus. George Will would never dare to say such a thing about Oprah. She is no bloviator—there is substance there—more than a big (little) mouth. Oprah could actually beat Hillary if you really crunch the numbers. Hillary is likely to lose the election in 2016 for a host of reasons. Hillary has a lot of baggage, and ripping her bags open hasn’t even begun to happen yet. Right now, the press and political pundits are handling Hillary with kids gloves, but sooner or later the gloves will come off and Hillary’s façade with be exposed. Hillary knows where her “soft underbelly” of vulnerability is, but she wants to be the first woman president of the U. S. so bad she can taste it. Hillary is one half of this country’s most famous “power couple” so she is determined to make history—but she once again faces the issue of her attitude of “presumptive nominee.” She was the presumptive nominee when the young upstart named Barack Obama entered the picture—and we know what happened there. Hillary is actually still reeling from that rejection and determined to “make it right.” She has a lot of persuading to do to the American voter before she takes a seat in the Oval Office. She is likely never to get there. But Oprah could.

So what would an Oprah administration look like? It would look just like the staff of her former Oprah Winfrey Show and her OWN network. And what is that? The best folks for the job. Oprah knows how the power game is played in Hollywood and so she can certainly handle Washington. Oprah has the good sense to listen to wise counsel—she’s done that for years—that how she got so rich. She listened to Shirley Mcclaine who told her early on that having too many black guests, and talking about too many black issues, would doom her show. Oprah listened and stayed on top for 20 years focusing on a lot of “soft” issues that affected her primary audience—white women. She would to the same in her administration and stay on top with the strong support of that same audience. Would being a black woman in the Oval Office help or hurt? Well, for one Oprah would never tolerate the same disrespectful treatment Loretta Lynch got before she was finally confirmed as Attorney General. Oprah would call someone in to sit in a chair opposite her—and get to the root of the problem. Oprah would cut through all the bull…. in Washington. Oprah above all people would have the unique ability to forge ahead with policies that will help this country by giving opponents that black woman, “do I look like I care” look—or it is, “do I look like I even care—tell it to the hand” look. Of course we know that Oprah is too suave for “all that.” Oprah could bring a new dignity and civility to Washington, D. C.—something that is sorely needed. Run Oprah run!

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