Ya’ll Oughta Quit! What if President Obama acted like DT?

trmpchk“Ya’ll oughta quit” is a black expression used to describe folks who have gone “plumb crazy.” This expression describes precisely the utter ridiculousness going on in this country with DT—aka, Donald Trump, aka, Big Little Big Mouth. I have one question: What if President Obama ran around acting like Donald Trump? Remember that jackass who screamed “You Lie” during one or the President’s speeches? Has anyone yelled at DT and told his lying butt that “you lie” about your so-called $10 billion in net worth? This fool flat out lied and no one has bothered to call him out on his loose lip, bloviating lies. Remember how the Republicans referred to the President as having his “gums flapping? Gum flapping is all that Trump does—just opens his “little big mouth” and let anything roll out—anything to keep his lips moving in front of a camera. Remember how the Republicans described the President’s walk as having a “swagger?” Remember how Republicans said that the President was “too loose?” Where are these same two-faced, intellectually dishonest, Republicans when it comes to that fool running for president named Donald Trump?

What if the President made some type of “blood coming out of her whatever” remark to a reporter? Imagine what the Republicans would have said? If the President had uttered such a low-classed, ignorant, ghetto, crazy comment the Republicans would have called for his impeachment. So why is Trump being celebrated for having the gall to “say anything?” I am personally offended that Donald Trump dares to run around pretending to run for President. He is not running for President, he is running for notoriety. He is running so he can say that he “led the pack” of that unremarkable bunch of 17 or so other Republicans running for the White House. I am offended that his wife, or any woman, would sleep with Donald Trump? Imagine that sorry scene? What woman would say, “O Baby” to Donald Trump without wanting to vomit? What woman would sleep with somebody like Donald Trump—except for money? What can his wife be thinking when he is running around acting like a plumb fool? I wonder if Donald Trump treats his wife the same way he treated Megyn Kelly? This type attitude does not just come out of nowhere; it has a long history of disrespect toward women. His comments indicate a deep seated hatred toward women. This is his character, not some deviation from civility.

Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy at least 3 times, probably four. So why is no one digging into what appears to be financial mistakes, financial mismanagement, or some type of other creative fraud that allowed him to keep filing for bankruptcy? Why is no one asking him the question about how he wants to “make America great,” when he is the poster child financial mismanagement? This man is a joke. With Donald Trump running for President and at bunch of Republicans keeping him atop the polls it is easy to understand how Hitler rose to power. Hitler knew the power of appealing to the basest of human instincts. Donald is no different. This man just pops off his lips, flapping him gums, saying “anything,” and now his fame is centered on his ability to get away with saying anything and having a crowd follow him. Didn’t Hitler do the same thing to the German people? He could draw a crowd. He appealed to the worst of humanity—just like Trump.

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