Floyd Mayweather for President!

_FMPFloyd Mayweather just bought a new car—cost $4.8 million—something called a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevite CEX—only two ever built. They call it a “super car.” Mayweather is adding this new ride to his current collection of expensive cars, including a $210,000 Mercedes Benz. Mayweather reportedly has $10.6 million worth of rare cars parked outside his boxing gym. Take that Donald Trump. And besides, Mayweather earned $300 million for one night of work and it took The Donald as whole year to earn that much. Now who has star power? What is Trump’s little old flimsy helicopter worth–$4 million?—I doubt it. Who paid a bunch of money to see whom on pay-per-view? Who would pay to see “The Donald?” And there are other reasons why Mayweather needs to run for President.

Just imagine if that fool who yelled “You Lie” during the President’s speech had said that to President Mayweather? I can just see Mayweather stopping his speech and asking:”Did I hear a noise” and then giving that jackass a good old fashioned butt whupping. Hey don’t mess with me! And there’s more. Mayweather is a genuine “rags to riches” story for the common man. Trump started out with plenty of his daddy’s money and still managed to go bankrupt at least twice—some say four times. How can he manage the country if he couldn’t manage his daddy’s free start-up money? As for “making America great,” Mayweather can put a boxing gym on every corner of small town America and get Americans to work off some of that excess weight—something “The Donald” needs to do as well. Mayweather should name his boxing gyms, “America’s Great Gyms.”

With all the folks now running for president my question is this: What are Americans really looking for in the next president? As silly as this column is this is a dead serious question. What do Americans want in a president? Let me toss out two good answers: 1) A white man-any white man. 2) Anyone but someone who supported President Obama on any policy issue over the past 8 years. Ask any man or woman on the street what they are looking for in the next president and you will find a mostly befuddled look because Americans don’t really know. Americans can express what they “don’t want” before they elaborate on what they do want. Again, they don’t want another black man in the white house and they don’t want a person who cannot stop all the troubles from erupting in the world, cannot stop the American economy from going through boom and bust cycles, and of course someone who will lay off gun control. I say Floyd Mayweather is our man—darn it he’s black.

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