Why Donald Trump is Exactly What the Republicans Deserve

_WRDThe Donald is on a roll—and the rest of the Republican field, except for maybe Ben Carson are scratching their heads and wondering “How the hell did this happen?” How is that Republicans presidential hopefuls who have at least some experience in governing, or at least some legitimate congressional experience, are been snubbed by a certain segment of the Republican base—for a man with no experience doing anything except running his fat mouth? What happened? I’ll tell you what happened. What happened is that from the day that President Barack Obama took office, the Republicans admitted that their primary goal was to make him a one-term president. The Republicans admitted that their sole focus was to undermine and otherwise nullify President Obama—to block his every effort—and to smear his legacy in the history books. They did a good job. The Republicans fought the Affordable Healthcare Act at every turn, trying at least 50 times to repeal it while the nation’s infrastructure went lacking—while roads, bridges, and job-creation efforts by the President were blocked by the Republicans. But it was worse than mere political obstructionism by the Republicans, it became an outright battle to make the President appear as not legitimately holding office—that he was an “outsider,” even grabbing on to Trump and the Tea Party “birthers”—questioning where the President was born. But it got worse than that. The Republican outright venom, hatred, ill-will, ugly comments, ugly dog-whistle language-racist, bigoted insults at the President and the First Lady have steadily grown over his two terms as president. So what happened? The Republicans not only set out to take down the President, but in the process they took down the “office of the Presidency.” What the Republicans did was to not only smear the President, al, “I hate Obama,” but to smear the very position of “President of the United States.” All because of their disgust and hatred that a black man would dare occupy the highest office in the land.

And so what do the Republicans have now? They have exactly what the Republicans created. They have a buffoon, a joker, a clown, a man who stands for nothing now leading the pack. And how did this happen? It happened because the Republicans have so smeared and cheapened the “office of the Presidency” (because a black man would dare win that office twice) that they have created a political environment where someone like Donald Trump could be leading the polls. This is comparable to the farmer who poisoned a small pond on his land to keep trespassers from watering their cows as they cut across his land. But one day the farmer’s brother showed up to visit and said this, “Sorry to stop by without calling first but I just thought I would visit—and by the way I’m letting my herd of thirsty cows drink from your small pond.” The Republicans have spent six years poisoning the political landscape all to “avenge” President Obama becoming president. Little did they realize that they too would have to drink from those same “poisoned waters.” And this is the poisoned political landscape that explains why a big mouth, know- nothing, heavy crust dough-boy, like Donald Trump can be drawing crowds. This is how a man who repeatedly says, “Believe me,” as if he is some “Godfather” Mafia Don, can wow crowds mouthing off one line insults. This is why someone like Donald Trump who says, “You will get tired of winning” can get applause. What the hell does that mean anyway? What does anything Donald Trump says mean in terms of how Washington works? It means nothing. It doesn’t have to. It doesn’t have to because the Republicans have so poisoned the political climate in their war on President Obama that they have slung wide open the door for a complete fake, a charlatan, a ego-tripping con artist to have political sway over the Republican party. What is presidential about a man who would say of a political opponent “look at her face, who would vote for that?” Donald Trump is an embarrassment to this country. Imagine him dealing with international diplomats. Imagine him giving a eulogy. Imagine him consoling a nation after a tragedy. As one comedian says, Trump looks like an orange that swallowed a lemon with his yellow hair and orange face. Who is this clown to speak ill of anyone’s face? And, as for Trump’s claims in Dallas yesterday that “this is a movement,” yes, it is—a bowel movement—consistent with the crap that flows from his mouth. Give Trump an enema and you can bury his butt in a shoebox. But Trump is exactly what the Republicans deserve. “If you set a trap for others, you will get caught in it yourself. If you roll a boulder down on others, it will crush you instead.” Proverbs 26: 27.

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