October 4th 2015—Unite to Fight Drug Addiction

_OCT4There is now no family in America where someone does not know someone who is struggling with drug addiction. Eighty-five million Americans are affected by drug addiction. The latest report from the national drug enforcement office is that every day 120 people in America die from heroin overdose. Heroin is now the new “black plague.”

This Sunday, groups from all across America will march in Washington to unite and fight to reverse the current epidemic of drug addiction, especially heroin addiction. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, families of every stripe will march, many carrying pictures of loves ones who died from heroin overdose. Too many of these deaths started out as legal prescription to pain killers. The next step is heroin which is cheaper—and deadlier. Just this past week, someone in my network of friends had to deal with a loved one who finally admitted that she had a 10-year addiction to prescription drugs. Her addiction has cost her dearly. She earns over $80,000 a year. This past month she paid $5000 of her net salary to street dealers to supply her with pain killers. Checks for household bills bounced all over town while street dealers demanded their money for “loaner” pills, “until she got paid.” She finally reached her breaking point that she needed to deal with her addiction. She is not alone. Families all over America are dealing with what drug addiction can do to family relationships and family finance. All over America drug addicts are lying, stealing, cheating and otherwise living a life of deception about their addiction.

Next Sunday is a day for Americans to face their addictions. “United to Face Addiction” is an organization with information for individuals and families struggling with drug addiction. Faceaddiction.org is also an organization with important information. Let’ all unite to fight drug addiction.

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