A Case For Belief

12247163_1267520546606748_3660256912992157324_nSaturday, November 14, 2015 can be marked as a red letter day for John Dayse. It’s a rarity when the traditional dictionaries and the Urban dictionary share nearly identical definitions. The term “red letter day” receives that distinction. Why is it John Dayse’s red letter day?

Before answering that question, I’ll need to digress back to when John and I first crossed paths. Nearly two years ago at a Volkswagen Bug car show John noticed that we were using the same model camera and we struck up a conversation initially on photography but wound up discussing missed opportunities and redemption.

John openly spoke on his past mistakes, poor choices and how redemption had ordered the chaos of his life. He had a strong determination that the telling of his story would someday help somebody.

In the years since our meeting John has told is story to church groups, youth organization and anywhere he’s given the opportunity. He’s also become a first time author. “A Case For Belief” chronicles John’s gritty urban past and his transformation into a born-again Christian, a college graduate and a productive member of society.

Saturday, November 14, 2015; a memorable day for John Dayse. The day of his very first book signing of his first published book. His “Red Letter Day”.

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