Happy New Year and All That!

Happy-new-yearWell, 2015 is about to slide on out of here—literally. Amarillo dodged a bullet with the recent blizzard that could have been so much worse. But in other places December was brutal with deadly tornadoes and floods—so much flooding yet to occur over the next few days.

Over the past year, so many of us have suffered the loss of dear loved ones. Perry Hopson continues to be missed for all his help with so many do-it-yourself projects. I really needed him recently to help shovel 2 tons of drifted mounds of snow. My dear Aunt Dorothy passed away last week at age 97. She was married to Uncle Oren for 71 years—imagine that. She had 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls, but two sons predeceased her. She was one of 11 children to her parents, all the girls are now deceased, three sons still living. All of us are moving up and out. As the oatmeal commercial says, “And off we go.” Accepting the loss of loved ones can be tough. Their presence is never so missed until their absence becomes permanent. Still we must press on.

North Amarillo Now needs new writers as I have just about come to the end of my road with columns. I still enjoy writing, but the readership is not there. I have accepted the new world of social media communication. No one wants to read long paragraphs anymore. Readers want the news in a nutshell, everything in two-line “tweets” or shorter. So, as the old gospel song says, “this may be my last time—I don’t know.”

But there are little one coming up behind us that must “pick up the slack,” and carry the torch forward. Who will stand in the breach when the “old folks” are gone? Who will carry on? Who will be the voices of analysis, reason, and fact-finding to help this world become more just and more equal? Who are the young leaders of tomorrow in Amarillo? Who is this community grooming to speak out and take charge?

Stay safe this New Year. Don’t drink and drive! Don’t shoot guns into the air—bullets that go up must come down. Don’t text and drive and buckle up. Next year try not to wake up too many mornings wanting to “fight somebody.” Chill out! Peace out! Happy New Year!!

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