America the Vulgar

vulgaritiesWebster’s dictionary defines the word “vulgar” as; “Deficient in taste, class, or refinement, boorish, ill-bred, ostentatious in appearance or quality, indecent, lewd.” Americans are a vulgar bunch of people. Let’s start with vulgar politicians—Number Two vulgar politician– Chris Christie’s remark about President Obama during the January Republican debate: “We are going to kick your rear end out of the White House come this fall.” Only a “from Jersey,” fat-headed, vulgar, boorish, fool would make such a comment. First of all, Christie, the President is term-limited and your rotund rear end can’t kick him out of anywhere. And, even if his “rear end” could be kick out of the White House, your “shaped like a wooden barrel wearing suspender” big butt will never sit in the White House. Of course we know why Christie went rogue. Ever sense the Republicans jumped on his fat butt for giving the President a few kind remarks after Hurricane Sandy, he has been trying to “get out of that Republican dog house and “walk back” his public “bromance” with President Obama. Well, the debate was his last chance to go rogue to show Donald Trump especially that he is one of them “real” Obama haters. Nice going Christie, you vulgar, Jersey louse. Wonder why Trump hasn’t insulted you? Could you two have some “Jersey secrets” in common that you don’t want the public to know about? Inquiring minds want to know.

So why is there so much vulgarity these days? It’s everywhere. Dr. Phil told a guest last week that she needed to “hit the bricks bitch.” Steve Harvey is so vulgar his mouth needs to be washed out with lye soap. He couldn’t read off the names of the Miss Universe winners but he can talk like an ignorant, vulgar, “yo ass,” fool on his talk show. This past week a litigant on The People’s Court told Judge Millian that her ruling was “bullshit.” She left the bench, came back and dared him to say it again. He did, again he said the ruling was “bullshit.” Comedians and sitcoms are riddled with boorish, lewd comments. They are no longer funny they are just plain vulgar with every sort of low-class sexual dialogue that can be dreamed up by “unfunny” writers getting laughs off tastelessness.

Back in the early 1960s, radio stations refused to play the song, “Annie Had a Baby, She Couldn’t Work No More.” It was considered too vulgar and too low class. Elvis and his gyrating hips met the same reaction. Cameras routinely refused to show Elvis’ lower anatomy while he was performing. Then along came Michael Jackson, King of Pop, who grabbed his crouch whenever he could—and the crowds cheered. Culturally, there has always been a line that most people did not cross when it came to acting vulgar. You didn’t talk vulgar, laugh out loud like a boorish fool, act vulgar, dance vulgar, or consort with vulgar-talking, low-class, loud mouth, ignorant, cussing people. But not anymore. Look at the people holding up Donald Trump signs—supporting the Number One vulgar person in America. What won’t this boorish fool say? What did he say about Hillary’s bathroom break during a democratic debate? Why would he even open his mouth to comment on such a private and personal moment? We know why, he has no taste, no class and he is just plain vulgar. He and Sarah Palin are tied for the Number One vulgar politicians spot.

But I can point a finger at myself. Over the years that I have been posting columns on this website I have resorted to a few “vulgarities” myself.” I have peppered some of own columns with a few “asses,” and WTFs, and other low-class language to make a point. I too have gotten on down in the gutter with the common masses. Was resorting to vulgar language necessary to make a point? Probably not, but sometimes writers get caught up vicariously in the “mood of the masses” and abandon proper speech, and writing etiquette in order to make a point.

My concern is how much farther off the rails Americans will go with boorish, vulgarity. Where will all this low-class, vulgar, say anything, behavior take this country? Don’t we have enough road-rage, homicides, and just plain disrespectful behavior already? Will we end up with properly attired news anchors beginning the evening news with “Good evening all you MFs.” And will Americans think that this will sort of vulgarity is funny?

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