“CHRISTMAS DIGINITY” *** what is that!

by Fransetta Crow

This is the most wonderful time of the year, but many have the true purpose mixed up with man made traditions. “When I was growing up we were taught the true meaning of Christmas” said one of my friends, “Now we can’t even speak about it in public”. . I knew exactly what she was talking about, but the main issue now was to remind man why we are here celebrating this season.

I’m so glad I found somebody that was willing to talk to me on this subject. All this- Tis The Season and The Fa- La- La- La  is the commercial engine that drives the celebration of Christmas  from Nov. 27th to Dec. 31st . I don’t have to go into detail about the Media , Businesses, Organizations, Charity and the commercial part of  giving but not saying the real meaning of why we are giving.To day it’s all about Shopping and Buying, Eating and Drinking, Continous Celebrations with lot’s of Cheer. HO! HO! HO!

Christmas Joy , Hope , Wishes , Cheer, Holiday Greetings and Season Greetings has become the normal words used today in order not to offend anyone concerning their Religious beliefs. I believe I have been very careful not to offend anyone so far.

This Christmas I want to remind us of the reason why we  celebrate and the word defines WHO and Why we continue to celebrate Christmas.   Websters definition of the word ” DIGINITY”: The Quality or state of being Excellent! The word” Dignitary” :A Person of High Rank, Notability and Influence.

 “That’s It !,  We took the Diginity out of Christmas or lost it” I said to my friend ,” That word is describing someone GREAT”.  That is what the real meaning of Christmas is about which is to reconize a Special Birth that, if it had not happened there would be nothing and anyone to celebrate any other relegious beliefs.

Now I don’t know about you but when I read this definition I couldn think of only ONE NAME. While you are giving out Christmas gifts this year. Why don’t you put the real purpose for this season in a box and give to as many as Will Receive it. Let’s celebrate the Diginity of Christmas and the Birth of JESUS together .

IT IS MY PLEASURE TO remind us all of ” CHRISTMAS DIGINITY” and hope it will remind us WHO Christmas is truly about!

Oh yes, while I’m here let me wish: ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR”!!!


Frankly Fran


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Frankly Fran