Donald’s “… wait and see…”

cnn-trump-debatedexter120aI’m astonished by the number of Americans who come nowhere close to understanding the electoral process for the highest office in America. This post is especially poignant for those comparing Al Gore’s concession, un-consession and re-consession in 2000 to Donald Trump’s wait and see response to his concession (if needed).

The question posed to Donald was “Do you make the same commitment, sir, that you will absolutely accept the result of this election?”

Question: When are the final results of the 2016 presidential election know?

If your answer is November 9th the day after the general election voting on November 8th, you are completely wrong.

The vote on November 8th is only one of many steps leading to the final election results.

Yes, Gore did concede, and un-concede and then re-concede when the final results were known. Donald’s statement strongly implies that when the results of the 2016 election are known he may not concede.

Examining the 2000 election, the Bush and Gore contention was over the vote count which required using the legal system to bring about a recount. Were the 2000 election results known before the slew of court actions? The answer to that question is NO.

Why is the answer NO?

The following must occur before the presidential election results are complete:

1. Certificates of Ascertainment must be prepared by the governor of each state.

2. The Electors must meet in their respective states and record their votes on six Certificates of Vote. Each Certificates of Vote is signed and sealed with a Certificate of Ascertainment and distributed immediately. One set to President of the Senate, two sets to the Secretary of State, two to the National Archives and Records Administration and the final set to the presiding judge where the Electors met.

3. The Certificates of Vote must be officially received by the President of the Senate and the National Archives.

4. The National Archives meets with The Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House.

5. Congress meets in a joint session to count and accept the electoral votes.

It is only after Congress has counted and accepted the electoral votes that the results are officially know.

Now back to Gore. He conceded, un-conceded, through the legal process votes were re-counted and Gore re-conceded. All of these actions occurred before Congress counted, accepted the electoral votes and finalized the results of the 2000 election.

On the other hand Donald’s statement implies that after results of the 2016 election are known (finalized by the Congress of the United States) that he may not accept the results. That is the stark and heinous contrast between Gore in 2000 and Trump in 2016.

Donald by way of the Constitution of The United States of America is granted the due process of seeking any and all legal actions to contest or address the voting outcome of the November 8th general election.

However once those actions have been exhausted and Congress finalizes the election results the question is will he concede and accept the results?

It is his failure to answer that one fundamental question with a resounding “YES” that sets him apart from any presidential candidate in the history of our democracy.

For now DONALD TRUMP is well entitled to his “… wait and see …” approach. Even after the election on November 8th and all the so called “crooked media” networks have called the election he’s still entitled to his “… wait and see …”.

Baring any delays caused by legal battles on January 6, 2017 both sessions of Congress will meet, count the electoral votes and declare the results of the 2016 Presidential Election.

Donald your “… wait and see …” expires on that date.

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