Take Care of Your EYES!

eye-exams-main-page-900-450An annual eye exam is the best way to take care of your “windows to see the world.” Just imagine not being able to see the world around you. Imagine seeing it through cloudy vision. To say that we take our eyes for granted is an understatement. We just assume that being able to see is a given. But, as you age, your eyes age too. And with age comes an assortment of maladies that affect your eyes.

Starting from a young age, many children require glasses to correct vision problems—some of these problems last a lifetime. I became nearsighted in my teens and stayed that way. I now have so many pairs of glasses around my house—if they were guns I would already be dead from grabbing one. Better care should have been taken of my eyes starting at an early age, but it didn’t happen. My most recent eye exam showed that I have small cataracts that cloud my vision. Sooner or later that will have to be corrected. But, there are so many other afflictions that affect our eyes that can lead to blindness and other vision problems.

Take care of your eyes and try to get an annual eye exam. If you drive you certainly should get an annual eye exam. Over time it become more difficult to drive at night, or your side vision is not as good as it should be, to manage in on crowed and fast moving expressways. Don’t wait to get your driver’s license renewed to be told that you need glasses. If you wear the same glasses for years you won’t realize that you actually cannot see because you have become adjusted to seeing “what you see.”

Take care of your eyes.

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