Trump’s Fake Outrage

1126775445Trump’s feckless bluster over Syria’s reported use of a chemical gas to attack its citizens has Trump right where he wants to be—being applauded for being Billy Badass and finally “acting presidential.” What a crock. The same president who would leave thousands of Syrians refugees in the wilderness to die has now “found a heart.” Really? The same Trump who encouraged European countries to let the Syrian refugees die is suddenly “touched” by the sight of Syrian children dying from what many believe was a scheme cooked up by Putin and Trump to change Trump’s bad poll numbers and all the other “mess” he has caused in the first 60 days.

Anyone who believes that Trump cares one iota about dying Syrians needs to take a long hard look at Trump the man. This man has no moral compass. He has never cared about anything but money, food, and something perverse. His recent budget would cut Meals on Wheels, cut funding to PBS as well as a host of other programs that will literally starve Americans to death. If Trump is willing to make America’s elderly eat cat food, why would he care about Syria? Over the past 4 years Trump repeatedly sent out his tweets telling President Obama to leave Syria alone and that any type military action would come to no good end. He also tweeted that President Obama needed Congressional approval to do anything in Syria. This same fork-tongued person decided on the spur of the moment to ignore everything he said to try to embarrass and checkmate President Obama and now do exactly the opposite. “Why” is the question? The “why” can be answered not with answers about Trump’s policies because he has none.

After the bombings a Republican strategist said that Trump’s actions were all about himself and his low approval rating and the investigation into his dealings with Russia. He said that Trump cannot develop any rational policies about anything because he has the attention span of a “gnat on meth.” Trump is a “fly by the seat of his pants” person who doesn’t care for details about anything. He is hotheaded and just “up and does stuff.” Bombing the facility in Syria was a ruse to “change the conversation” on a lot of issues, including the so-called “jobs President,” and the low employment numbers that just came out, as well as the total chaos in the White House. What Trump is also diverting our attention away from is his flagrant nepotism having brought his daughter and son-in-law into the Oval Office to be his co-presidents. What we know is that Trump is a master manipulator. He knows how to send us chasing some fake story such as President Obama wire tapping Trump Towers so that he can pull an assortment of sleight of hands. Trump is as evil and sinister as they come—a true spawn of Satan. He eats and sleeps duplicity and how to get over on everyone trying to hide his evil deeds. Now he is in control of the military and can send other peoples’ sons and daughters off into the war zones just to boast his own ego. This same man never served one day in the military and took five deferments for assorted ailments. His true ailment was mental disease and defect that is now clearly on display.

I recently posted a column entitled, “Unmasking the Mad Bomber.” The psychological analysis of the man who evaded New York police for 16 years while he planted homemade bombs all over town fits Trump to a T. And so now we have a mad bomber in the Oval Office. We have a person who is hell bent on revenge and would destroy humanity going on some “bigly” ego trip. The entire world was appalled that Americans would vote for a con artist like Trump. The world is becoming even more appalled that Americans are finding anything “presidential” about Trump’s decision to drop bombs on the spur of the moment. What is clear is that there is more to why these bombs were dropped so quickly. Trump’s ability to hide the truth means that we will probably never know. What we do know is that dropping those bombs had nothing whatsoever to do with Trump feeling any amount of sympathy for Syrians.

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