Trump in Hell—I Won! I Won! Didn’t I God?

trump_in_hellThe Spawn of Satan, Donald Trump, hates to lose. Yesterday’s big fake event of repealing the Affordable Care Act was Trump at his best—celebrating yet another one of his yuge lies. What happened yesterday was the equivalent of a football team showing up at a game, picking up a stray football, spiking it in the end zone and then running out and having ticker-tape parade in front of a bunch of devoted fans. Never mind that they never even played the game, never mind that. Just celebrate and deceive your fans into thinking that you actually played a game and won. To top this off, Trump declared that he is going to heaven because he signed yet another vapid executive order giving “religious liberty” allowing southern Baptist preachers to endorse, probably him, and not run afoul of IRS rules. Trump is even crazy and narcissist enough to issue his own executive order to God to let him into heaven.

As it turns out neither Trump nor any Republican who voted on the zombie healthcare bill yesterday even read it. In fact there is no bill to actually read. Trump can’t read so we know he doesn’t know what it will mean for Americans. Still that did not stop a bunch of folks from jumping on buses and heading to the Rose Garden to celebrate. And what exactly did they celebrate? More than anything it was a Republican celebration of Trump’s never-ending attempt to undo any accomplishment of President Obama. Trump is obsessed with seeking revenge to “unperson” President Obama. Never mind that Trump is the most hated president in American history. Never mind that it is Trump who has caused more protesters to take to the streets than any president in history. Never mind that it is Trump who has the lowest approval rating at this juncture than any president in history. Never mind that it is Trump who is the most ignorant and illiterate president in American history. Never mind that it is Trump who is the laughing stock of the world—a national disgrace to any person of any decency. All of which explains why Trump has to constantly engage in coonery and buffoonery to deceive the public into thinking that he is actually doing something worthwhile—other than lying. This empty suit has no choice but to lie, obfuscate, and deceive.

And so when Trump lands in hell, contrary to him ignoring “ye must be born again,” I’m sure that he will proudly announce to God, “I won, I won,” I made it to hell, “I won!” Didn’t I win God, didn’t I win? Oh what a yuge and wonderful bon fire You have prepared to greet and honor me. And when God looks at Trump’s evil soul with utter contempt, only then will Trump understand that his preoccupation with winning cost him that very soul. And, as Trump’s fades into the distance toward the eternal fires of hell, he will no doubt still be muttering to God “I won! I won!—didn’t I God? What a huge and wonderful fire.”

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