The Trump/Kushner Kleptocracy!

piggyIf you have been watching the news you already know that Jared and Ivanka Trump/Kushner are enriching themselves in a way that should bother all Americans… and Donald Trump is aiding and abetting the enrichment of his daughter and her husband. If anyone did what the Trumps are doing, Donald Trump would be raising all sorts of hell about other people’s “deeds.” What we now have in the White House is a massive kleptocracy—namely “government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed.” This is the definition of the Trump administration.

Some of the Trump kleptomania is taking place under the Immigration EB-5 Visa program. The title of the program is the “Immigrant Investor Program.” The program has been in existence since 1990 and was designed to help stimulate the U. S economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign investors. What the EB-5 program also does is provide a way for foreign nationalist who invest in the U. S to get permanent residency green cards. The Chinese, many of whom are swimming in cash, are eager to participate in the program because, for a relatively small sum of money, ranging from $500,000 to $1 million, they can invest in high employment “targeted employment areas, so-called TEA” urban or rural areas in America, create at least ten jobs over a two year period, while bringing in almost as many foreign family members as they want who then get green cards. Many of the complaints about the program is that these foreign nationalists, primarily Chinese, who have invested in certain factories in the rural south, have created low wage jobs, but are paying their own family members much higher wages for the top management positions at these companies. Other complaints about the EB-5 program say that the level of investment required is much too low given the number of foreign nationalists who are awash in cash, especially the number of Chinese billionaires who can literally throw money around in America’s poor rural areas as a subterfuge to get permanent residency green cards.

This is just one of the program that the Trump/Kushner’s are using to further enrich themselves. Never mind that Trump wants immigrants—especially the “brown skinned” immigrants to “hit the road.” Apparently Trump has no problem with bringing in rich immigrants—even Chinese immigrants. Wasn’t it candidate Trump who said that China was “raping America?” Wasn’t it candidate Trump who said a bunch of nasty things about China and what he was going to do to China? Then a strange thing happened when Trump and the Chinese President Xi Jinping met in early April. All of a sudden the big bad talking Trump folded like a tent in a high wind and came away from the meeting saying that the Chinese President was his new best friend. So what happened to all of Trump’s big bad ugly talk about China? Could his son-in-law Jared Kushner have pulled his coat tail and told him that they could get even richer using the EB-5 Visa Program using all that Chinese money? Now we hear that Kushner’s sister is in China pitching high dollar investment enterprises seeking Chinese investors—of course dropping Jared Kushner’s name.

Of course Trump and Jared Kushner know that the average Americans who voted for Trump is too ignorant to understand that the EB-5 Visa program flies in the face of all of Trump’s big “anti-immigrant” talk. What happened to “Make America Great Again, and America First? Why are the Trumps soliciting Chinese investors if they want foreigners to get out of American and stay out? Why isn’t Trump mad as hell that rich Chinese foreign investors are paying a pittance to “come to America” using the EB-5 Visa program, then pay Americans piss poor wages, hire their own families for top management, and then get permanent residency green cards? Where is Trump’s big bad talk now about China raping America? As I have said before, Trump can make his supporters bend over and kick themselves in their own rear end—then thank him for the privilege of doing so.

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