“Strong and Decisive” or Weak, Cowardice, and Chickenslip?

The juvenile in the White House got to say “you’re fired” again, this time taking out FBI Director, James Comey. The 45th president wrote a letter to Comey exonerating himself (with yet another Trump lie) by first thanking Comey for telling him on three occasions that he was not the subject of an investigation before he terminated Comey. Comey was 3000 miles all the way across the country meeting with FBI agents in Los Angeles when he was fired. So right off the bat, big bad-ass Trump was too chickensh– to terminate Comey face to face before he allowed Comey to waste probably $100,000 of taxpayer money flying to Los Angeles with a full retinue of federal employees. How chickensh– is that? Trump was too much of a weak kneed coward to save taxpayers a bunch of money by not manning up and facing Comey in his office. The same blow-hard who proclaimed that “I alone” can fix everything sent a low level lackey to leave a termination letter at the FBI offices knowing that Comey was 3000 miles away. Again, how chickensh—is that?

The firing of Comey says a lot about the Coward in Chief in the Oval Office. When Bill Clinton fired the only other FBI director in history Clinton did it face to face like a man, then went immediately before the American people to explain his action. But not thin-skinned, yellow stripe down his back, cowardly Trump. Trump slithered into hiding, choosing instead to hide behind a woman’s skirt by sending silly Kellyanne Conway out to try to explain how Trump flip-flopped from praising Comey over the handling of Hillary Clinton’s emails to firing Comey for the same reason. No one with half a brain believes the cock-a-mamey story that Trump is trying to sell the American people.

Did Putin order Trump to fire Comey? Did Putin tell Trump that he needed to put a stop to the Trump-Russian connection investigation and to do it “now” and Trump did exactly as Putin ordered him to do. Trump is not his own man—he is bought and paid for—he is an empty headed, empty suit doing the bidding of a lot of people lurking in the shadows. This is the mess that will soon unravel all around Trump—and he knows it.

And so now, president 45 is in hiding, rehearsing the lies he will soon tell when he emerges from his cowardly den to try to explain why he really fired James Comey. Whatever he says will be yet another of his Yuge lies. If you saw the movie the Wiz you might remember that Richard Pryor played the role of the powerful Wiz. It was only after the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, Dorothy, and the Scarecrow approached the Wiz asking for help to overcome their own shortcomings that the lie, the big façade was revealed that the Wiz himself was nothing but a sniveling, lying, cowardly fraud. The façade of Trump as a coward and as a shallow, indecent human, being is fast being revealed for all the world to see. I have said before that when people wonder how God could have allowed the travesty of the Trump election, what is fast becoming a reality is that God does in fact work in very mysterious ways. There are some people who cannot be humbled and brought to their knees until God allows them to rise so high that their disgracefully huge fall will make them an example for all the ages. Trump is headed exactly down that path…and nothing and no one can save him. Be not deceived, God is not mocked…for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

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