Trump’s New Toys

LCQpHl9Trump is having a ball with his new position as president. He is acting like a spoiled rich kid who gets up early on Christmas morning to tear open all the boxes containing his pricey new toys. The folks who voted for Trump gave him many gifts to play with and he is doing just that—like playing Jenga.

Let me repeat what millions felt before Trump slithered into the Oval Office. He is unfit to be president. He is ignorant, ill-bred, nasty, vengeful, and a pathological liar. And this unfit human being now has plenty of American institutions to play with to amuse himself. Today he threw yet another lying surrogate under the bus. Trump admitted in his grandstanding, showboating way, that he did give classified information to the Russians when they recently visited the White House. At the same time that Trump told the American press to “go away,” he invited the Russian media into the White House. (Hint to Trump—the White House belongs to the American people—not you.)

And so now, the man-child in the White House is busying playing with his new toys. In one box is the American Press, the media—the fourth estate—an essential player in a democracy. Trump has played with the media as if it is some wind-up toy. The next box is the American judicial system that he began toying with and trashing with is references to “a Mexican judge.” And he has continued to toy with the judicial system, including appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court to help him further toy with the undermining of long held principles. In the next box is the U. S. Constitution. Trump has never read the constitution, he does not understand separation of powers. He wants to become dictator and throw the constitution out with the wrapping that came with the box. In the next box are all federal agencies, especially the Federal Bureau of investigation. Trump dismissal of FBI director James Comey had nothing to do with how Comey was doing his job. It was Trump’s uneasiness about “lack of loyalty” and the continued investigation of “the Russian thing.” Again, The FBI is something for Trump to toy with. He toyed with Comey’s 10-year tenured job by dismissing him (hey, you’re fired) while he was away on a trip 3000 miles away. Trump’s total disrespects for the protocol of removing a federal employee was little more than a game to him. Trump’s next toy includes all administrative agencies. Trump’s brain, Steve Bannon, has made it clear that they want to eradicate the so called “deep state.” What this means is that they want to cut off all aspect of federal government that runs deep into state and local agencies. Hint to Trump, nothing runs itself. Cut off all the down line employees inside Trump enterprises and see how quickly your own house of cards will fold. But, to Trump, fooling around with the layers of administrative oversight is like playing the game Jenga where little by little you remove one square until the whole things falls—to Trump it’s a clear case of—how fun is this?

And so, week in and week out, Americans stand by watching in horror and utter disbelief, as the man-child in the White House plays with his toys—the chief of which is American democracy. Power itself has become Trump’s new toy. While we are watching we are also witnessing a level of destruction of the fabric of American democracy never before seen. Every day, another move by Trump on a game board as he plots and plans his next “throw the country into chaos” to appease Putin. Trump needs to be impeached . He is a treasonous traitor. This man is a danger to every man, woman, and child on planet earth.

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