For My Man

for-my-manHeads up historians, here’s the title of the book that will describe Trump’s corrupt and inept administration—“For My Man.” If you are familiar with the NewOne TV program by the same title, you know already know the storyline—manipulating men, under the pretext of love, ensnare women into committing horrible crimes. These men have a way of presenting themselves to these women as caring when in reality these men are out to get whatever they can get these women to do—for them. Some of the recent shows have been truly shocking leading to death sentences and life sentences for some of the horrible crimes committed by women, “for their man.”

We are currently witnessing a similar “For My Man” unfolding in Washington with Trump. Historians who have already written about Trump have revealed that he is a man without a moral compass. He will use people and then throw them under the bus as if flicking a bug off his coat sleeve. Trump cares only about Trump’s ego—and of course his love of money and power. There is no doubt that Trump is being manipulated by Putin. Putin has told Trump, “We delivered you,” now you need to deliver for us. When Trump gave his nomination acceptance speech and talked about all the doom, gloom and chaos in America he was following a playbook yet to unfold. What he didn’t say that he would be the cause of chaos, doom, and gloom. What he didn’t say is that he had made a backroom deal with Putin. Trump was not using his own words in his speech; he was being used as mouth piece for Putin to do exactly what it is doing—undermine all American institutions, and to set the stage for the total destruction of American democracy. All of Trump’s actions are controlled and orchestrated to give Putin exactly what he is demanding—attack and destroy the credibility of the press, obfuscate and confuse the truth with the language such as fake news and alternative facts, attack the American court system, challenge and ignore the legislative branch, thwart the independence of federal investigative agencies, demands blind loyalty and obedience from civilian government workers, require that only certain Fox News pro Trump propaganda be viewed on all government televisions, erode the complete administrative state by refusing to staff key federal agencies, issue executive orders that undercut civilized government, then run before a graduating class at Liberty University and proclaim that Americans don’t worship government they worship God. This coming from the Spawn of Satan, a man who is an atheist, who doesn’t go to church and has never read the Bible.

And just who is under the”for my man” spell of the occupant in the White House..plenty of surrogates. Every day Sean Spicer walks out before a group of reporters and delivers lie after lie “for my man.” His recent stand in Ms. Huckabee lied so much she couldn’t remember her prior lie. Mike Pence lies like a Persian Rug—“for his man.” Kellyanne Conway’s forked tongue spews lie after lie “for her man.” All of Trump’s appointees have been employed to deliver “for their man,” with lie after lie to the American people. The Republican Party has forsaken all principles to stand in concern “for their man.” We are watching an episode of “For My Man” that is far worse with far wider and more destructive implications than any episode of the NewsOne program. But what we know is that in every episode of “For My Man,” there comes a day when the “gig is up,” and the steep price for blind and murderous loyalty comes face to face with a day or reckoning.

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