Americans—Too High to Work

failed-testThe number of Americans failing employment drug tests is skyrocketing—especially in places like Colorado where marijuana is now legal—sort of. Last month Coloradoans spent $131 million buying recreational and medical marijuana. This is a whopping amount of money that is literally going up in smoke—around $ 4.5 million a day. And, this “up in smoke” habit of an increasing number of drug users has to repeat itself—over and over. Employers in Colorado are having trouble finding applicants who can pass drug tests. But it is not only marijuana use that is going up but also cocaine, heroin, and crystal meth.

Employers have a duty to screen applicants to avoid liability on a number of levels. Some industries cannot run the risk of someone being high on the job. Would you like to get on a plane with a high on meth pilot at the helm? What about air traffic controllers? What about your doctor, your lawyer, your pastor? What about truck drivers and a host of other jobs? But this is what is happening all across America. The opioid drug addiction epidemic is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Americans getting high..which might explain why drug traffickers are not too worried about “a wall” to keep immigrants out. They know that Americans would “tear down that wall” to get drugs to keep getting high. Americans use more illicit drugs than anyone on the planet. Wonder why? Why is the so called richest country on earth the country that has the highest number of drug users? As the little kid said, “Sumpin be wong.” Could it be that the American culture itself is so twisted that folks would rather escape through drug use than deal with the reality of the huge gap between the idealism of America and the reality of the depth of the hypocrisy of America? Why do so many teenagers smoke marijuana all across America? What are these kids running from or running to? Why do so many teenagers say that they don’t feel “normal” unless they smoke a joint? And what will the employment future look like for so many teenagers who can’t pass employment drug tests? This is an even better reason to counsel youth about marijuana and other drug usage. Drugs can literally derail your future on so many levels.

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