Trump: “No Politician Has Been Treated So Poorly”– Really? Jail Him Now!

Trump-JailBilly Badass, Donald Trump, is now whining like a baby because he can’t have all the candy he wants. Hey, Trump, ever heard the expression, “What goes around comes around?” How did you treat President Obama? Wasn’t it your boastful behind that bragged that you made President Obama produce his birth certificate? Didn’t you smirk and grin as you humiliated the president demanding that he prove his citizenship to you—you of all people. Remember how you went before the press claiming that you were the “first one” to make his prove he was not born in Kenya? Remember how you gloated over your achievement? You even wanted him to produce his college transcript. But we can go even further, how did you treat Hillary? Remember when she warned this nation about you being “Putin’s Puppet?” How did you respond? I remember your uppity arrogant response calling her a “nasty woman.”

But we can go further. Remember how Trump hired Chris Christie to put Hillary Clinton on trial with his “I find her guilty,” and the crowd chant—“Jail Her Now?” Remember how Trump made himself the judge, jury and executioner of Hillary over her email server? Who can forget? Now this clown act posing as president is too thin skinned to own up to his own wide and deep corruption. He is not being treated poorly. He has already gotten away with high crimes and treason that should land him in jail. I say “Jail Him Now!” Trump is the most ignorant, unfit person ever to occupy the Oval Office. This is a man who proclaimed that “I alone can fix this.” He is a “fixer” alright—running around acting like he is some type of gang banger, calling people, threatening them that if they don’t obey him—“Hey, I’ll break your knees.” He is a disgrace to this country and the world. The French people refer to Trump as a “giant flake.” Mr. “I alone can fix it” looks like an incompetent buffoon running around with loose lips and an empty head. The Electoral College, not the popular vote gave us the “joke in the White House.” Now he dares to claim that he is being treated poorly. Hey, Trump, the worst is yet to come before you tuck your cowardly tail and flee to one of your hotels to cry yourself a river. You are not being treated poorly. You are getting a taste of your own medicine. Take it like a man. James Comey was treated poorly when your cowardly arse fired him while he was 3000 miles away doing his job. This is Exhibit A for being treated poorly.

Now we are hearing the term “a witch hunt.” Hey Trump, leave all the witches out of this—they deserve better than to be put in the same category as you. Witches have standards. No self-respecting, card carrying witch wants any association with the name Donald Trump. Stop dishonoring all the witches of the world by claiming that you are the victim of a “witch hunt.” The witches of the world should get together and form a witches against Trump movement and cast a spell on him. I suggest that they turn him into a skunk. Hey, everyone around him is already holding their noses and heading for the nearest exit anyway.

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