Is It Time For Private Trash Collection in Amarillo?

20170705_073038Today is July 5, 2017. On July 3, 2017 someone decided to throw away a sofa. They decided that the best way to get rid of this sofa was to find an alley and dump it. Where they dumped it was right in the alley roadway, right in front of the dumpster. Unless two strong men, or women, pick this sofa up and move it, tomorrow morning when the trash is picked up, the driver will have to get out and move this sofa so the mechanical arm can reach the bracket to empty this dumpster.

Why would anyone in America dump a sofa right in front of a dumpster? What happened to common sense? What happened to a little bit of forethought about simple consequences? Same old story about nasty people in Amarillo—tired and worn out. The expression I hear most often to describe nasty people in Amarillo is “these folks just don’t care.” Folks who throw all sorts of fast food litter right in the middle of the street “just don’t care.” Folks who will open a car door and toss a nasty baby diaper onto the street “just don’t care.” Folks who won’t clean up their front yards, “just don’t care.” But how does a person arrive at a point where they “just don’t care” about the cleanliness of the own surroundings?

The most frequent response I get to my complaints about nasty Amarillo is “it’s just you.” “It’s just you” means that somehow I am either so “old school” or so out of touch with the customs and mores of this current generation that I find too much fault in ordinary acceptable behavior. I suppose so. I suppose “it’s just me” because I find the naked picture of a very pregnant Serena Williams on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine disgusting. It was an awful sight when Demi Moore did it and it’s still an awful sight. Even Eve in the Garden of Eden wore a fig leaf. Woman, put some clothes on—have you no shame? But, I suppose all those “our bodies are beautiful” folks find this god-awful picture somehow worthy of some type of praise. It is awful—period.

The piled up trash all around Amarillo is also awful. Is it time for private trash collection services to take over trash collection in Amarillo? Does this conservative red-state town need to get “the guv’ment” out of our trash and turn it over to a private business? Is it time for the folks at Amarillo City Hall to make a phone call to Waste Management Services of America and begin serious discussions to turn over trash collection to folks who know how to get the job done. I have lived in cities where Waste Management Services picked up my trash. They get the job done because they are a private, for profit, company that has to make a nice return for its investors. The website for Waste Management is Their profile says that they are the largest environmental solutions provider in North America, serving more than 21 million municipal, commercial and industrial customers in the U.S. and Canada. It further says that they have invested in developing waste solutions for a changing world which includes not just disposal and recycling, but personal counseling to help customers achieve their green goals, including zero waste. The website further says that they are the “largest residential recycler and a renewable energy provider. We recover the naturally occurring gas inside landfills to generate electricity, called landfill-gas-to-energy. Waste Management’s fleet of natural gas trucks is the largest heavy-duty truck fleet of its kind in North America. With the largest network of recycling facilities, transfer stations and landfills in the industry, our entire business can adapt to meet the needs of every distinct customer segment. As North America’s leading provider of comprehensive waste management services, our mission is to maximize resource value while minimizing impact in order to further both economic and environmental sustainability for all of our stakeholders.”

As they say, a word to the wise is sufficient. The City of Amarillo folks really need to call the folks at Waste Management Services to keep their upcoming downtown ball park nice and clean. If citizens around Amarillo will dump a sofa right in front of a dumpster, imagine what these nasty “just don’t care” people are going to do to your nice, new baseball stadium. Play Ball Amarillo!! –and continue to keep your heads in the sand about real solutions to nasty Amarillo.

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