“Remember, we write the symphonies…”

45The week, the current occupant of the Oval Office gave a speech in Warsaw, Poland that was text book racist, white nationalism—straight out of Steve Bannon’s mouth. During the speech, Trump read Bannon’s words urging a world view of the acceptance of white supremacy and alt-right white nationalism. The speech was filled with Hitler-like rhetoric suggesting that other cultures are anti-civilized and that only the white “western civilization” is worthy of praise and preservation.

Anyone with half a brain understood Trump’s bigoted, race-baiting words, including his empty headed, narrow minded, uneducated expression “Remember, we write the symphonies.” What Trump was trying to say was that only civilized people write symphonies—as in only white people have written symphonies, meaning that only these people are part of a “higher culture.” Someone should have interrupted Trump and asked his empty head to name one symphony or the composer of one symphony. Such a question would have left this ignoramus at a complete loss for words. What Trump has managed to get away with, being the true con man he is, is to rattle off outlandish propaganda from a bully pulpit shutting off any possible way for anyone to challenge the depth of his knowledge one on one. And so off his goes, shooting off his ignorant mouth to cheering crowds who are as ignorant as he is. Besides asking Trump to name one symphony, someone should have asked him which civilization created the first alphabet—it was not western civilization. Someone should have asked this ignorant human being if he knew that it was Hindu, Islamic, Chinese, Egyptian, African and Arabic cultures that developed numeral systems and mathematical rules and formulas. Someone should have asked this nincompoop which is more important to the financial well being of every full blooded American capitalist– the world of math and numbers or the world of symphonies. Someone should also have asked Trump if today’s “white cultured” youth are more likely to listen to a symphony or hip hop—huh?

Trump’s remark “Remember, we write the symphonies” also shows his total lack of common sense and diplomatic know-how. A symphony is written to be played by an orchestra. An orchestra requires many instruments—strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion. There can be no symphony without the coming together of many instruments to give full expression to the world of musical notation. You can write a symphony all by yourself, but you “sho” can’t play it by yourself. Trump’s ignorant headed reference to “Remember, we create the symphonies,” shows his bigoted and ignorant view of music as well as the interconnected global world we live in. And, Trump’s later appearance at the G-20 Summit was proof that his narrow minded, bigoted, white nationalist’s views are fast being rejected was on full display. Trump sat alone throughout the summit while other world leaders met to discuss the global interchange of ideas, trade, and commerce. During the group photo, Trump was pushed to the very end to stand alone. At every prior G-20 Summit the U. S. President has been front and center—but not anymore. The world’s position toward America is fast becoming one of “take your bigotry and stick it.”

And so back here at home Trump continues to bait his base with his narrow minded bigotry. He should remind us all of a man named Reverend John Canning. Canning burst upon the scene in the late 1980s at a Florida church where his preaching style mesmerized the congregation. While he uttered scriptures from the pulpit his narcissist, self dealing ego led him to steal thousands from the church. When several members of the church questioned the lack of church finances he berated them from the pulpit to silence them then called the police to have them physically ejected. Those left behind defended their pastor. He then talked the congregation into giving him full control and a deed to the church parsonage. Two days after he got the deed he sold it and left town. He then showed up on the East Coast where he once again conned his way into a church. There he continued his thieving, ego-maniacal, self-dealing ways, including sleeping around with women and men. When he was forced to leave because someone had photos of his male trysts, he fled and went to live with his ailing adoptive parents. As soon as he arrived he conned them into giving him full control of their financial affairs whereupon he sold everything. When confronted about this thievery he bludgeoned and then strangled his elderly adoptive mother to death, then took a walking cane and beat his wheel-chair bound adoptive father to death. He then cleaned up the crime scene and went out to eat. He attended their funerals and accepted the many sympathies from the community—until it was discovered that while beating his parents to death his watch band broke. The watch band contained all the DNA evidence to lead to his conviction for first degree murder and a life in prison. Beware of loud mouth, bombastic, ego driven, self dealing con men.

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