Laying Hands on Donald Trump

Last week a bunch of evangelical ministers went to the White House to pray for Donald Trump. While there, Trump was surrounded by these ministers who then proceeded to “lay hands” on him. There are words of caution about “sprinkling holy water on hydrogen bombs,” that describe what these ministers did at the White House. Call me too judgmental, call me whatever, but I am offended by the desecration of the precious gift of “healing hands” on someone like Trump. Trump has repeatedly said that he has no use for “a God” in his affairs. Trump never uses God-like or Jesus-like words of human compassion and love. Trump exudes hate. Trump uses the word “God” for political gain and nothing else. Instead of the laying on of hand, Trump needs an exorcist. I am surprise that I did not see two horns emerging from the side of Trump’s head while these ministers were laying hands on him.

I am a born again Christian. I am familiar with the gift of laying on of hands. I have felt the awesome power of the Holy Spirit as a result of the laying on of hands. In my strongest moments of unbelief, before I was saved, I doubted the existence of God, that is, until an Oklahoma preacher prayerfully called for those in doubt to step forward. My first response was to deem his summon part of his “dog and pony show.” I was very suspect of all those people who were lined up before him falling to the floor as he laid his hands on them—that is until he raised his hands toward me and that powerful and gentle shock of God’s existence shot through my entire being. You cannot stand up under the power of truly gifted hands. No human can stand in the presence of the Holy Spirit. If all those hands stretched out before Donald Trump were truly empowered with God’s gift Trump would have been sprawled on the floor, praising God, asking God to deliver him from his sins.

Let me say this again, no one, no preacher, no evangelical should “play around” with the gift of laying on of hands. It is not to be used frivolously. It is not to be used for a photo op. It is not to be used to gain access to the rich and powerful. It is not to be politicized. The laying on of hands is a precious and holy sacred gift, given to very few people to whom God has entrusted and endued the Holy Spirit. I Timothy 5: 22 warns about the abuse of laying on hands: “Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partakers of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure.” The book of Acts describes how Peter and John went into Samaria and laid hands on new believers so they could receive the Holy Ghost. A man named Simon witnessed the laying on of hands and offered money so he could also receive the Holy Ghost. Peter told the man, “Your money will perish along with your soul because you think that the gift of God can be bought with money.” Peter then told the man that you have nothing to do with the matter of laying on of hand because “your heart is not right in the sight of God…repent therefore of this your wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thoughts of your heart may be forgiven…for I perceive that you are full of bitterness and bound in sin.”

I say again, playing with the precious gift of the laying on of hands makes a circus act of the awesome power of God. The laying on of hands is not meant to be a showman’s act, a spectacle, to dazzle the crowds. The laying on of hands is not meant to be used on behalf of wickedness in the White House. Instead, the laying on of hands should only be used after a repentant person has humbled himself or herself before God, has confessed a belief in God through Jesus Christ, and accepts the laying on of hands as a fuller confirmation, reward and justification by faith evidence of the acceptance of the Holy Spirit to do God’s work. None of this fits Donald Trump. Trump is not a Christian, has said that he has “no need for God,” is a man with a mind bent on vengeance, and does not see himself as a fallen human in need of a personal Savior, Jesus Christ. I am appalled that any preacher would desecrate, misuse, and dishonor the precious gift of the laying on of hands on an arrogant, self-centered, vengeful, boastful, hate-filled, deceitful, lying, unrepentant, human being like Donald Trump. Donald Trump continues his masterful con—fooling even “men of the cloth” who should know better. The laying on of hands is God’s gift of Himself to save souls, not save political misfortune.

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