Enter “Pretty Boy Floyd”

The “pretty face” of Anthony Scaramucci has joined the “gangsta,” “La Cosa Nostra” (the thing is ours) criminal enterprise, also known as the Trump Administration. Scaramucci, the new Communications Director, is referred to as a “Trump Loyalist” He said he “loves Trump” so many times his first day on board one has to wonder what is going on behind closed doors—inquiring minds want to know. The dashing, well coiffured, well manicured, high powered, Wall Street banker, Scaramucci entered with all the swagger of a true boot licker. Hey, Trump is really “draining that swamp’ with this “Joisey Boy.” Immediately Scaramucci set the record straight that the Trump Administration was “headed in the right direction,” the famous last words of the captain of the Titanic. Or better still, the captain of the Titanic being told he was headed in the wrong direction and he ordered that the expensive chairs be rearranged on the upper deck. And as a rapper would say, “Here we go! Here we go!—or is it, “Where the Party At?”

Americans love good looking people. After all, this is familiar territory to Trump who owned a few beauty pageants so he knows how to pick a pretty face. When all else fails, give them some “eye candy,” –worse than the Queen of England who said, “Let them eat cake,” when told that the poor serfs had no bread to eat. When asked by the White House Press Corp if cameras would be allowed back in, Scaramucci did not flinch, saying that he needed to consult hair and makeup before he could answer that question. Work your game pretty boy. Just looking at him it’s clear he probably spends more time getting facials and getting his hair and nails done than Melania. When all else fails, flim-flam them with an expensive suit and a fancy ring. Scaramucci’s suit was probably worth more than five or six of the mobile homes of Trump’s solid core of support. Hey, work it Trump—work your con. Let these poor suckers comment on how “cute” Scaramucci is while you take away their healthcare while dreaming of their grandchildren working in a dirty coal mine. Work your game Trump!

Pretty people get away with too much stuff—including the former “pretty boy” O. J. Simpson. Now that was a good looking man. Did I say, “was?” because looking at O. J. in his “prison blues” while he pled for mercy before the Nevada Parole Board is proof that looks will fail. Sooner or later, no matter how cute your think you are, time will dim the twinkle in your eye and you will see bags under them. O. J.’s once handsome face is a shadow of his once good looking, “eye candy” self. His once tall, well sculpted body is now out of shape and bent over. No amount of “age defying’ cremes will hold back age. Human beings have been looking for the “fountain of youth” since time began, and no one has yet to find it. Every day there is a new “wrinkle” creme, or something for “crepey skin.” You can slather on whatever cremes you want but the “march of time” will win out. If you don’t think so pull out an old family album and start looking. Look at yourself down through the years. One woman looked at herself naked in a mirror, remembering the Coke bottle shape of her youth, and screamed, “What the hell happened here?” Time is what happened.

I don’t like mirrors. I am one of those people who believe that if you need to look in a mirror to validate who you are then you are avoiding your “real self.” Mirrors can lead to a perverted sense of self worship. The Greek story, that is the origin of the word “narcissism,” meaning fixation on one’s own image, comes from a young lad named Narcissus who saw the reflection of himself in a pool and was so entranced with his own image that he fell in and drowned. The beauty of being a child is that they don’t care about mirrors. Children frolic, contort their faces, their bodies and enjoy themselves—unconstrained by what they look like. This freedom is a joy to behold. Children don’t need mirrors. In fact, I recall hearing that it was some type of bad luck to let a child see their own face before a certain age. Kids don’t know what they look like until around the age of 5 when people start shoving mirrors in front of them—look at yourself! As I said, the inner you and the outer you can be like night and day. A pretty face can mask a multitude of interpersonal issues. We shall see what the newest “pretty face” does to save Trump. I’m guessing “pretty boy” just wants to deal with the superficial, television optics crap, trying to enforce the worship of Donald Trump, and not address the narcissist, self-righteous, rot surrounding Trump. And when more Americans can see the Trump Kool Aid for just what it is, then pretty boy’s face will also bite the dust when Trump throws him under the bus.

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