Do you have a “healthy” mind?

“That is just sick,” and “he or she is just sick in the head,” is how most people react when they hear yet another unbelievable something that one human has done to another. This is precisely what is being said about the teenagers who videoed a man as he drowned and did not left one finger to help. But something had to have been slowing developing or taking shape in the minds of these teenagers, and all the rest, before they arrived at the point of total callousness and disregard for others.

Turn on your television and you will see commercials all day long about healthy hair, healthy fingernails, a fit body, a healthy body, healthy feet, and healthy eyes. How many commercials ask the question about a “healthy mind?” We are told to cleanse our colons, but what about our minds? Do we care more about our outward appearance than what is going on inside our heads? “As a man thinketh so he is.” “A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.” Have your “checked your mind” lately for what is going on inside your head? What are you constantly thinking about? Are your thoughts wholesome and “healthy” or a tad on the shady side? Do you spend a lot of time hating someone? Are you plotting some type of “get even” or revenge? Are your predominant daily thoughts happy or sad? Are you angry most of the time—on the verge of a conniption fit? Are you easily provoked to anger or a cussing fit? How much time do you spend trying to “get your head right?”

There is a problem that many families are now facing with their teen and pre-teen children and that is pornography. Pornography is all over the place. One click of the mouse or a two word Google search can expose children to the worst porn imaginable. And what if your child is spending hours in his or her room, or somewhere else, watching porn? What is the likely impact of constant exposure to porn on the development of a child’s healthy mind? Even worse, what about grown folks spending hours and hours watching porn? Can you have a healthy mind if you wake up at 3 am and watch 3 hours of porn then put on a suit and go to work or church? Is something wrong inside your head if you do this habitually? Last week I had to replace my windshield wiper blades. When the attendant put them on I told him that I was trying to make my car last because I never wanted another car payment. We talked about folks paying $400 and $500 a month car note. Then he said that he quit his job as a car salesman because he could not live with himself anymore the way they were putting people in cars with monthly payments and inflated car prices that they knew the folks could not afford. He said he could no longer live with himself doing that to other people. What he was expressing was concern for having his mind warped by common everyday practices in the used car business.

What exactly is a “healthy” mind? “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Romans 12: 2.” Are you plagued by guilt or shame over some type of wrong you have done—criminal or otherwise? Are you always afraid—always walking on egg shells over concerns for what others might say or think? Do you pretty much live your life as a “yes” person pleasing other people? Do you wake up with anxieties? Do you feel enslaved to something or someone? If you could, what would you do to “set yourself free” of whatever state or condition you now find yourself in? If you could rid yourself of one constant thought what would it be?

At the end of each day do you literally want to “shake off” the world as if the stuff you were exposed to was some type of poisonous dust that settled on your clothes? Do you need to spend more time away from television, Facebook, and smart phones and just commune with nature—walking in the park, planting a garden, reading a good book, reading the Bible—or just spending time alone? Do you need to take your mind back from all the worldly influences trying to pull you in? How do you resist the worldly pull to indulge you in things you know are not healthy for your body or your mind? Do you have weeks, months, and years of unhealthy stuff crowding your mind and your thoughts? How do you cleanse your mind? Are you sick in the head?

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