Hey Scaramucci—Come to Amarillo!

What the F will it take to stop this? Last week the City of Amarillo began removing bulk trash from nasty Amarillo alleys. They are doing a great job removing months of piled up everything. But the long overdue cleanup is running head long into plain old nasty folks in Amarillo who don’t know how to put trash in a dumpster. One of the above photos shows what a dumpster should look like. The other two dumpsters are within one block of each other. This trash was put on the ground three days after the trash folks cleaned around these dumpsters. What the F?

People are talking about Trump’s new communications director Anthony Scaramucci’s foul mouth. Also known as “The Mooch,” Scaramucci let out some language that would make a dog blush. He even went under his own clothes saying stuff that was so nasty that it made you wonder if he was using drugs. But, guess what, his rant got Reince Priebus out of the West Wing. And, along with Priebus went about 4 more people as part of the Mooch’s house cleaning. Too bad The Mooch can’t clean out his number one love interest– that rotten mess in the Oval Office.

Does cussing out folks really work? Would a good cussing out by someone in Amarillo’s Code Enforcement or Solid Waste stop the mess in the pictures? Should someone down at Amarillo City Hall, maybe even Mayor Nelson, give a press conference of her cussing out some of these nasty ass folks in Amarillo? The mess on the ground in the pictures will stay on the ground. It will stay on the ground and the wind will blow this mess all over the neighborhood. The dump trucks will drive over this mess. The rain will make this mess a muddy mess. So why can’t sorry ass people in Amarillo, Texas put trash in a dumpster? This mess could fit in either dumpster but where did these low-life cockroaches put it? What kind of no-count a-holes would do this? This is happening all over Amarillo. One woman on Orange Street goes out every week and rakes up the same type mess thrown on the ground by her nasty ass, no count, trifling neighbors. These same neighbors get all dressed up, hop in their SUV and drive around Amarillo, putting on a front, while they live like pigs in mud hole.

Amarillo churches need to step in—or somebody—to talk about cleanliness. Something has to be done about nasty folks in Amarillo. I have already mentioned Amarillo landlords who need to regularly check the dumpsters behind their properties and remind their tenants of the City Ordinance regarding weeds and trash. Some parts of Amarillo look worse than third world countries where folks have no sanitation and no running water. Imagine these same folks showing up at the new baseball stadium and leaving their filth behind. Imagine sitting in the bleaches behind some of these nasty ass folks. I say on opening day of the new baseball stadium that the City Hall folks invite Anthony Scaramucci to toss out the first ball and then let him rant about the nasty ass, c- sucking, no count, a-holes here in Amarillo. Play Ball Amarillo.

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