When “Dreamers” were white

Today, Trump indicated that DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which was instituted under President Obama 5 years ago, would end. Trump did not make the announcement himself but instead sent Jeff Sessions, aka, The Klansman, to do his dirty work. Trump, once again, showed his true cowardly soul. But, true to form, Trump is continuing with his “undoing” of everything President Obama accomplished. Trump’s inability to accept the reality that he followed a black man into the Oval Office is just too much for his lily white skin to accept. And so Trump continues with his continuing innuendo that President Obama was somehow not a legitimate president—including his pardoning of Joe Arpaio his staunchest “birther” supporter.

In rescinding DACA—and punting final action to Congress as part of comprehensive immigration, Trump is ignoring the fact that he is married to an illegal immigrant. Melania Trump illegally entered this country using a Visa program for “exceptional ability.” Does anyone know what her “exceptional ability is? I don’t. Probably something that cannot be discussed in mixed company. What Trump is also forgetting is that white Americans were the dreamers who participated in and benefitted primarily from America’s 1840’s “Manifest Destiny.” Manifest Destiny was American nationalism that had the explicit purpose of enforcing the superiority of the “American race” namely white people. Manifest Destiny was the movement of “white dreamers” from east and south to the west and who ran roughshod over Native Americans. Page 430 of Alan Brinkley’s book, “American History, A Survey,” says this about “manifest destiny.” “The peoples of the territories into which American civilization was destined to spread, these advocates of Manifest Destiny argued, could not be absorbed into the republican system. The Indians, the Mexicans, and others in the western region were racially unfit to be part of an “American” community. Western expansion was, therefore, a movement to spread both a political system and a racially-defined society.” Trump is taking this nation back to his old foggy, bigoted notions of “America for white people.” Trump forgets that his own family on both sides immigrated to America as dreamers of a better life.

Recently Trump bragged that he admires Andrew Jackson and has a portrait of Jackson in his new office decorated in gold. It was Andrew Jackson who defied the 1830 U. S. Supreme Court decision recognizing the rights of Native Americans, especially the Cherokee Nation, to land and gold in the south. It was Jackson’s extreme racial hatred that caused him to defy the Supreme Court decision in Worcester vs. Georgia. Jackson said, “John Marshall, (the Supreme Court Justice), has made his decision, now let him enforce it.” Jackson then proceeded to ignore the decision and instead marched thousands of Native Americans out of the south in the “Trail of Tears,” relocating them to Oklahoma and elsewhere. What Jackson did was to steal wealth from Native Americans and give it to white dreamers. This is the man that Trump now claims that he admires. What he is admiring is a rogue former president who defied court orders. What does this say about Trump? What does this say for how he intends to do to defy all lawful orders to further his goal of “making America white again.”

Trump’s ending of DACA is satisfying a so-called promise to his hard core supporters to “make America white again.” He now wants to give white people all the efforts that so many DACA students have so rightly earned. This is a new type of affirmative action for white dreamers. Trump’s bigotry is on full display as he sets about to dismantle the browning of America. Never mind that so many employers disagree with Trump. Trump’s is a hard-core, white racist and at every turn it is on full display. Trump is returning to the worst aspects of American history that favored white people, including homestead laws that gave free land to white men, and scores of other programs that showed preferential treatment to whites. America has a long and pathetic history of preferring white people for every aspect of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Whether it was jobs, housing, public education, college education, you name it, white skin has been the direct beneficiary of America’s resources and wealth. And it continues to this day. It seems that America is not returning to a period when only white people could dare to dream—it really never left.

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