Nasty Alleys—Here We Go Again!

Not more than a month ago the City of Amarillo cleaned up nasty alleys after months of not picking up bulk items. After two truckloads of trash were hauled off, the very next day someone dumped the two sofas shown above. I called Amarillo Solid Waste to ask when the alleys would be cleaned again. I was told that bulk trash from alleys would be picked up about every three months—meaning sometime around Thanksgiving. The policy of hauling stuff to the front curb and then calling for a quicker pickup is still in effect, but, it seems that folks would still prefer to haul junk to the alley.

The piles of household furnishings in the picture above was dumped today—right after the regular trash emptied the dumpster. Just looking at what was dumped I suspect a landlord emptied out a rental unit and hauled the stuff to the alley. Hey, let the City haul off the stuff. As I have said before, Amarillo needs to crack the whip with landlords who are using the City for bulk trash haul-off instead of paying someone to haul the stuff to the landfill. Again, as I said before, 30 percent of households in Amarillo are rental units which mean that many landlords in Amarillo are making out “like bandits” pulling in rent of $750 to $900 a month per unit. The City of Amarillo has chosen to keep its head in the sand on the issue of landlord accountability when it comes to using the regular household dumpsters to clean out rental units. So apparently the City will have no qualms about hauling off the pile of junk in the above photo in order to help landlords save a few more bucks.

So, how long will this junk remain in the alley—until Thanksgiving? By then I suppose that several more piles will have been added to this heap of junk. And if the City is reading this column the junk in both pictures can be picked up in the alley behind North Tyler Street, between NW 13th and NW14th. Street. And while the City is nearby it can pick up a load of scrap tires, about 20 of them that someone recently dumped at the corner of NW 14th and East Street.

Nasty Amarillo!!

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