Got Bunions?

A bunion is a funny name for an “ugly” foot problem. And, you should not be surprised that most people who get this ugly foot problem are women. The medical definition of a bunion is this: “A bunion develops when the first metatarsal bone of the foot turns outward and the big toe points inward (toward the other toes) causing the joint to jut out.” A bunion is a type of foot deformity that is caused by wearing “bad” shoes, namely shoes that are not wide enough in the toe area, shoes that are too high forcing the body’s weight onto the front part of the feet, and being overweight putting extreme pressure on the toes.

As you already know, the big toe, sometimes called the “great toe” is absolutely necessary to walk upright. Without your big toe as a counterbalance you would fall down, or be forced to walk gap-legged using the outside of both feet. The bones in your big toe literally carry you around every day, all day, day in and day out, year in and year out. Yet we show so little “respect” for this seemingly insignificant part of our bodies. Enter bunions.

Bunions start small as the bone on the side of the big toe starts to bulge. The bulge is the foot’s attempt to address day in and day out foot trauma from bad shoes and other mistreatment. As the bone grows larger it misshapes the big toe causing it to bend toward the other toes. Sometimes the bent toe forces the other toes out of alignment causing them to stack on top each other. Then there is the pain. Bunions can be very painful and there is no cure for a bunion. There is surgery that can remove some of the protruding bone but often the bone grows back.

The best way to avoid bunions is to take care of your feet. Wearing stylish, narrow-toed, high heel shoes is a recipe for having bunions later on. Also, wearing shoes that are too tight causes bunions. If you actually wear a size 9 shoe stop trying to force your feet into an 8 or 8 and ½ shoe. Just own the size of your feet. There are all sorts of wraps and cushions to help with bunions. When the pain becomes unbearable, foot soaks, ice packs, foot massages, and pain killers might be necessary. But, long before bunions develop, taking care of your feet is a good preventive measure. Being too “foot fashionable” will catch up with you later on.

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