“Make America Great Again—“Purge and Purify”

This is what was on a sign that a white man posted in his yard over the weekend. The reaction was swift that he was being bigoted and racist. I didn’t jump on that bigoted and racist bandwagon. Instead I have a few questions for anyone who wants to rid America of anyone else, or, purify a so-called race of people. My first question to the man who posted the sign is this—would you have purged Stephen Paddock? Remember him? The 64-year old seemingly “very nice white man” who hauled dozens of assault rifles into a Las Vegas motel room, then proceeded to kill 59 people and injury almost 500. Would anyone looking at this man have given him a pass on the “purge list?” Name any other mass killer and or serial killer and ask yourself if that individual would have been at the top of your purge list?

Donald Trump has ushered in one of worst chapters that will ever be written in American history. The master of chaos and division had done just that. What I find strange is that when a bunch of college students wanted to “act-up and disrupt” outside Wall Street financial markets, the police showed up and hauled them off in handcuffs. Trump has managed to offend almost everyone on the planet and disrupt everything just to spite President Obama’s mother. Trump’s hatred of President Obama is causing him to literally lose him mind digging a big hole that he will soon find himself at the bottom of pitching dirt up. In the meantime President Obama is looking down on the “fool digging the hole,” laughing because all the dirt piled around Trump’s deepening hole will soon cave in on his stupid head.

Trump uttered three words the other day that probably went unnoticed by 99 percent of Americans when he referred to Iran “100 year plan.” Of course he was lying– but never mind that. Trump and Steve Bannon have a playbook for their own “100 year plan” to purge and purify America. Trump is a hard core white supremacist who wants black and brown people removed from America. All of his policies have somewhere tucked into their ultimate goal something that will result in the elimination of everyone but white people in America. And Trump does not care if there are white mass casualties in the process. Trump and Bannon are not thinking short term. Trump’s role in the White House is to set into motion a mindset and policies that others will adopt and implement long after his rotten soul is roasting in hell. Trump is thinking precisely this—what policies can I forge to assure that in 100 years America will look just like him and his family. What policies will lead to the death, demise, or otherwise elimination of peoples of color from America—this is Trump’s purpose in the White House.

And so now, for the first time since Hitler’s Third Reich, the words, “purge and purify” are being used freely and openly. No one would ever imagine that a mere 70 years after Hitler’s attempt at a “final solution” that once again someone would appear upon the world’s stage with the same mindset. No one would ever imagine that 70 years after the Holocaust in which the words, “Never again,” were promised to the world that individuals, right here in America, would replace those words with, “Purge and Purify.” And so, as the pendulum slowly begins to swing toward civil chaos right here in America, set in motion by an old white supremacist named Donald Trump, the question to be asked is who will be purged? We know who Hitler targeted, but Hitler also demanded that German women given him their wombs to perpetuate his idea of “a pure white race.” German women complied. Trump is not toying around with American women’s birth control just for the fun of it. It is the beginning of total control of women’s wombs—especially those wombs giving birth to bi-racial children. In Trump’s mind this has to be stopped and Obama’s mother has to be punished.

And so, just for the fun of it, if you were part of The Purge and Purify Committee of Amarillo, Texas who would you “eliminate?” Would you target all “angry white men” who voted for Trump because of their strong propensity to commit mass violence? Would you target young white men because they are likely to walk in their father’s footsteps and continue to perpetuate racism and bigotry? Would you target young white women to keep them from dating and marrying black men? Would you target black women because their children are more likely to end up in prison than any other group? Would you target Asians because they are more likely to take the best high tech jobs? Would all peoples of Hispanic or Latino origin “have to go,” –just because. Of course this list is silly, but, when anyone begins to talk about “purge and purify” our minds must play it out and begin to ponder the question of just who among us will be targeted for elimination—and why.

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